david arthur johnston arrested at st. anns academy
by jason Monday January 26, 2004 at 01:39 PM


sunday night rainy underneath cedar tree
the same security guard as on saturday night came again and woke us up to tell us of the thoughts on private property of said owners of st ann's
the man obviously affraid to lose his job and subsequently starve ended up calling the police
the police sent some brothers from the ruff and tough goon squad to intimidate and completely disrespect some sleeping human beings
one of us seeing the backwardness of the situation left almost immediately
3 stayed
the police began throwing articles of warmth and food over the wall including shoes blankets
one of them actually ripped a newly made sleeping bag
all the while speaking condescendingly and making threats of violence
david continued to remind them that pride is sin and that they must quit their jobs
and that they could not consider innocence of us while they carried guns
another of us left to protect the drum that he had from being cracked on the side walk
david and i were then dragged to the sidewalk through the wet grass and plopped down saying that we were instigators of camp this or camp that we forgave them for defending rape and murder
upon leaving the scene we moved back under the tree only three of us now
myself and another climbed the cedar to sleep knowing that monkies who don't think they live in a forest don't recognize the life of plants
david remained in blankets on the ground to fall back asleep
security came again telling him to leave and saying that what he was doing is wrong
david said he was just trying to sleep out of the rain
police arrived a second time
less hard nosed but still indoctrinated
this noticed in how they thought david to be crazy for telling them as he always does that they have no authority
and that they must quit their jobs and give up their guns
they were amazed at his apparent insanity
he forgave them sending them for another loop
the security guard came and was coazed into asking him to leave again
he did so in the name of god
david said something that i didn't hear
then passivly resisting was arrested for trespassing
the police officers said to throw out everything and lock it up so that we wouldn't come back
now two security guards came with plastic bags and threw out blankets, shoes, food and any other 'junk or shit' that was in the area
the one security guard commented on how crazy we must be
two of us now began to try to find comfort in the cedar
all the while it has been raining
upon not finding the desired comfort (a pillow would work well) we descended from the tree and found the thrown out blankets and food and slept elsewhere
still at st ann's
as david was not playing the game
and was not cooperating
it is assumed a while before they release him from their fears
further updates to come
may all the brain washed monkies realize the lie told by the culture that continues to destroy itself
patience and calmness
with love
food does grow on trees
and money can still not be eaten


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