Forgive Absolutely

(A.K.A. The Art of Honour)


Have no doubt that pride is the root of all insanity- the thing that allows us to believe that we can ignore love in pursuit of security/comfort.


I'm not saying lay down- far from it- I'm saying stand, unto death- without malice and without fear, knowing that to be dictated to by pride is like a lazy child dictating to their parent.


Until one is of a mind of absolute forgiveness one cannot consider them self grown up- because there are no enemies; only reflections of love deceived by pride.


If we are going to fix anything we must fix everything. Time to grow up and take the responsibility we can.


Better to starve to death than knowingly act against love. Better the entirety of existence stop then content ourselves with a lie.


Without love there is no life- and love cannot be seen through pride (which is funny for pride is only love that has forgotten that it is love).


May our want of truth be stronger than our stubbornness.


May the consideration that anger cannot be justified not seem too fantastical.


We are reflections of highest beauty and 'Heaven-on-Earth'/a world of trust is our responsibility.


Live in the now knowing love. Live in the now without preconception.


Love has no argument- deny this and reveal your own contented laziness.


Divine divinity and see for yourself.


in the reality of love,