for Stephen King-

I would presume because of your grasp of 'predestiny' that you must see the reality of it being the nature of our/my existence... how could you not, really? Do you also know that the force in the 'dark tower' is the concept of pride and that it's 'end' comes when it faces humility?

How's this for a story- a land being raped by greed fueled technology, where the ignorant make a science of brutality- where on the streets of every city there is a remembrance of a true truth- that the grand cosmic scheme is ruled by %100 predestiny- in essence, you have a population of street kids remembering that they are fearless (and angerless) angels with a vision of freedom.

The word of 'God'/me/you/all life/'the everything'/the infinite 4-dimensional fractal singularity that appreciates harmony is knowledge of predestiny--- though now that we are fearless we must consider the exodus- from pride to humility- does a percentage of every cent spent go to taxes? Does food grow on trees? Is not love's inspiration ultimately practical and therefore glorious?

in knowing patience is the root of wisdom,


David Arthur Johnston

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, BC, Canada)-