Everything comes from it and the place it is coming to is God to. Every molecule and every culture comes from God... a universe encompassing phenomenon, undulating through time without beginning. The grand, inescapable, unifying factor- all things that exist in the universe are alike, in that they all share the quality of existing in the universe. It may seem banal, yet it holds the fundamentals of true understanding. Find things that cannot happen in the universe and you will know nothing that exists within the universe can do them.


Fundamentals of the Universe


In space AND time the universe has no end in bigness and smallness or forwardness and backness.

Matter exists and undulates, a lot of the time according to the principle of gravity.

Life exists... this is where things start getting complicated.




The person you are, your ego, was born as a result of an infinite amount of experience leading up to your parents having sex (or scientists cloning you... or the turkey baster).

Dealing with the mortality of the ego is the primary concern for those who've yet to discover that they are life first and ego second.

There is no such thing as chaos, though when the infinite variables become too numerous to count we describe it as 'chaotic'.

Truth exists- the 'is' is.


Fundamentals of Life


Life is life. Life is the same universally, the root ingredient in anything living, with experience and the type of seed marking the growth (tree, cow, human, etc...).

Cultures develop out of geographical influence. Egos learn that psychotic behaviour can be a quick fix in preserving mortality, naively condemning the life around them to death or perpetual retardation.


The ' Devil'


The 'Devil' is what happens when entire cultures find themselves grown to be revenue generators or armies- where all the space needs to be taken up and there is no longer any room for nature; where nature and freedom cannot be tolerated because it points to the fallacy of the society that feels nature is not safe and freedom must be paid for. Entire populations controlled because of psychopaths starting gangs based on the science of spin-doctoring, ages ago.

The 'Devil's' job is to give us the height of suffering so that we may transcend or be cast-off; to divinely objectify all the trauma and dance with it without fear or resentment or to be forgotten eternally- if there is to be freedom/Heaven-on-Earth this is the point that must be come to.

The 'Devil' guards Nirvana.


Love and Truth


The seraphim. The two bright angels. Love is evident in every smile (even the fake ones) and truth is all-pervading for the humble. Neither can be proven beyond just trusting in the life that sees in those who you would show. So, patience be with you... patience IS with you. No one has ever learned anything without it.


in a singular universe where the only thing that determines the next moment is the infinite history behind it,

in this play,


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada




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