Fundamentally, you are Gandhi or you are Hitler.




The time is now.


How do you do? This is the future speaking.


I love you. I really do. I happen whether you like it or not. I'm as hard as shit can be. You gonna be one of the psychotically lazy ones or one of the awesome buddha/cowboy/ninja/stoic-old-guy-standing-up-doing-fucking-right-no-matter-what ones? You Gandhi or are you Hitler?


The trick is to become more bright than what the demons can ignore. Patience be with you all. Savour and enjoy your lessons in patience- that EVER it is more fun and right and cool to rather die than panic.


Truth owns your sanity and you are alone. You are the only thing that exists. You can never not be what you are. The truth of your reality is that you are the soul of life and slavery is death... so we've all been made retarded to hide the thought that sacrificing your every attachment for what's right is the best thing you can do for your every attachment.


Your ego is going to die. 'You' are going to know death.


Opening of self to path of most efficiency towards the joy of a peaceful world... patience be with you- your happiness is inextricably attached to you full-on remembering that you are everything the Buddha is. Patience be with you. Enjoy your kung-fu.