The Most Important Event In Canadian History (A.K.A. Here Come The Tent-Cities)




JANUARY 9th and 10th, 2008, the Provincial Government of BC is bringing us to a BC Supreme Court judge to attempt a discontinuance of the 'Right to Sleep' Charter Challenge that is due to begin JANUARY 28th and is set for a five day trial.


Success of the Charter Challenge, the striking of the Corporation of the City of Victoria's 'anti-camping' and chattel bylaws, would mean that the people's right to facilitate survival would preclude any restriction if done conscientiously. Meaning we could set up tents with an attitude of minimal damage, anywhere we saw fit, ultimately not limited to any 'private property'. Making those who would restrict their 'property' having to make it physically inaccessible (12 foot high razor wire fences around the parks) or to simply trust in the good nature of people. I trust the first tent-cities will begin on government land, as, generally speaking, people would like to impose as little as possible on the sensibilities of those who've long held property 'bought' from the 'crown'.


Being a Constitutional issue, every municipality in Canada would have to adhere. In time there will be multiple tent-cities- some for families, some more 'front line' (where many angels will get their training).


The beginning of the tent-cities mark the end of capitalism, most notably when a mass of people understand that they no longer 'have' to pay rent, bringing economic collapse.


This is for real, folks... If the court says we must pay to live it means that they're fascists and we're slaves. It means, knowing better, there would be no way to maintain sanity AND ignore the responsibility of rather being dead than corrupt. Patience be with us all.


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada


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