Reflections On Not Using Money For Over 6 Years




June 27th, 2003, I got a birthday check from my dad for $50. Got a couple grams, a couple packs of smokes and a couple 6 packs, went to the park with a couple friends and had a nice time. Got sick drunk after 3 beers and went to bed early.


That was the last time I used money. 6 years ago. In a sense, it has taken its toll. Nothing gets to be normal and most every preconception about living a man's life has been sacrificed.


It is a phenomenon, I feel. One constantly tested and scrutinized, usually prejudicially. Giving due consideration to this claim means being exposed to the reasons for it and that is dangerous work for any who want to continue with the status quo. It has also been interesting engaging in a social atmosphere because people are more ready to be open to friendly behaviour when they know I don't want their money, which means I know a lot of people.


I've a general rule where I do not like people buying me stuff. I've transgressed on that one maybe 20 times, usually in the form of tobacco, enjoying the absolute of not being the purchaser. Mayhaps there are those who've gotten things with me in mind and whenever I find out about it there is a thickness of spirit where they know I'd rather not.


And now I have a daughter. An angel, literally brilliant, who I would rather see ravished by demons than begin to use money again... for her sake. She lives with her mom, within walking distance, so I've been around the best I can. I would like to make things perfectly clear, I am not a frivolous abandoning fuck, I'm a good dad with the most unusual of jobs, and again, it is hard to give due consideration to my work because it means acknowledging that vacations are for retarded idiot children, no one owns anything and its insane to think there is any such thing as choice.


Patience be with every ego; every diverse personality of this singularity most call God.


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada


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