How To Stop The Crown With Only 60 Warriors




Firstly, the warriors. 60 are needed who, at least for a moment, have nothing to lose in the face of a psychopathic entity that has made a thousand year practice of tormenting, raping and murdering. 60 warriors that will enjoy being divine sociopaths enough so when this entity holds all that they love hostage they will still not bend. 60 because the political machine of the courts will not individually convict 60 people for 'Obstruction of Justice' for not voluntarily dismantling their 'temporary abodes' (tents, tarps, cardboard, etc...). 60 warriors are needed to establish the right to live for free in the form of a tent-city in Victoria, BC, Canada.


This vision is also based on the fact that there has been a Constitutional Challenge against the Corporation of the City of Victoria's anti-temporary abode bylaw (which restricts people from using cardboard to protect themselves from the rain) and while the judge holds the ruling in reserve (to be revealed anytime between now and never) the Corporation of the City of Victoria may have a difficult time in getting an injunction so as to convict 60 people en mass. Meaning an unsanctioned tent-city in a political limbo, maintained by the loving support of the community. As the population of the tent-city grows the warriors will not be needed so much (at least in this capacity).


As far as stopping the 'Crown' goes, ask yourself what happens when the right to a subsistence level of survival is asserted... the end of rent... the end of the thing that forces you to pay to live.


So, is the vision of 60 warriors a flight of fancy? Maybe.


nothing official. no names taken. the 60 will know others of the 60. when the time is right word will go out.


Patience be with us all.


David Arthur Johnston


Victoria, BC, Canada


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