What’s Going On 101





Part of what is going on is that many people have defences that will have them scoff at the idea this article is about to present.


We live in an infinite construct. We are life. The now is perfectly the now and could never be anything else. There is no such thing as 'choice' (which is made evident with consideration that a person could only be who they were, where they were, at the time the 'choice' was made- making it unavoidably the only 'choice' that could be made, and therefore it is not a 'choice', but an indication of our highest law- all motion is ruled by fate... which might be why the 'devil' hates God, because nobody likes being told that something is impossible... yes yes, religious claptrap, ok- the devil is a part of God that always tries to not be God, but can never succeed).


OK. A little scattered so far, but what do you expect, it's pretty much the meaning of life and the knowledge that saves the world from this ridiculousness that it has gotten itself into. K-next-


This one here- this is what is going on--- People are unaware of fate. People are under a spell that keeps them distracted from manifesting a world of trust- they think evil is real and they will kill to protect themselves from it. The killers are the taxpayers, the ones that think they are allowed to exploit the Earth for profit.


Pride is sin because fate is real. Cease the support of pride if you want to go to Heaven/freedom.


If you want to know what you are think about fate and patience- then you will find you have enough in you to save the world. Accept that you do not 'do' and you just be the thing that you are- life, aware and too smart for fear or anger (because all things are just their experience, especially the worst things).




in today,