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6 July 2002   
  • More organized (even if not new) pictures
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    My, how time flies...  Time was that I harbored naive thoughts that I could find time to update this site over the sem after I got back from good ol' S'pore.  HA!  Instead, my time was spent with 2 fantastic project groups, churning out MIS gems by the week.  Now that summer's here, a girl's facny naturally turns to web development -- especially when her internship is all about redeveloping an intranet site.  The interns at work are (for lack of a better word) SUPER, and sometimes I feel like I'm developing my social skills more that my tech skills...  It's what one calls "making the best of the situation..."    FUWi's of Cubicle Land unite!!  *muaks*

    A Quick Introduction

    "I was born a poor black child..."


    Now that I have The Jerk out of my system... I'm actually a third year Business Honors/MIS student at The University of Texas at Austin . As they say, "I'm a Capricorn who likes long moonlit strolls and Egyptian Rat Screw (relax, it's a cardgame...)" I like Italian and Chinese foods and I could live on shaved ice.

    I guess my main passion is for motion pictures, on both the big and small screen -- not that I'm some sort of well-versed critic: I just like being entertained by the film industry.

    A huge defining period of my young life was spent at the National University of Singapore . It was nuttin' less than awesome and I still haven't gotten over my homesickness for that place :(

    That's me on the far right, holding the champagne glass candle. A couple of muh gurlz (L-R: Miriam and Celestine) and I had this pic taken at our high school band banquet our senior year.

    So much for some quick facts and a photo. If you're really intrigued with the possible depths of my character, please explore the rest of this site, especially the all-new Vita page.

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