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The following pictures show the junk-workspace from some friends.

We are NOT crazy.  We have NOT a mental disfunction.

We just have a VERY GOOD memory and our workspace is just a way to
demonstrate that a CAOS works perfectly anywhere.

If you are very organized, we really, really think you are the WIRD guy.

If you want to have your nice organized workspace picture here;

Resize your picture to 640x480, format JPG, rename it with your_name.jpg,
if you have more than one picture, rename it as your_name1.jpg, your_name2.jpg...
Pictures named otherwise will not be published.

Attach them to an email and sent it to
They will appear here in a matter of hours.

Dinho - Brazil (Picture #1)

Dinho - Brazil (Picture #2)

Dinho - Brazil (Picture #3)

Dave Tweed (PIcture #1)

Dave Tweed (Picture 2)

H. Carl Ott - The fine hurricane style bench - I love it.
That is really fantastic... I can stay in there 3 days, no food, easy!

The friend from Finland - Pekka Ritamaki

Roderick MacDonald
Roderick, what you do from 3 to 5am?

Rick C. (Picture #1)

Rick C. (Picture #2)

Olin, are you sure you are not on vacation?

Wouter van Ooijen

W46NER - Old Backroom 2003

Roman Black

Alexandre Souza - Brazil

Luciano 1- Brazil = 03/2008
Come On Luciano... somedays it smells capacitor dieletric, isn't it?
Somedays you just want to sit quietly and stay there for hours, right?

Luciano 2- Brazil - 03/2008

Sidney 1- Brazil - 03/2008
What is that brown greasy nasty thing???

Sidney 2- Brazil - 03/2008

Fannaticc Pereira - Brazil - 09/2013
DX & GLB make our workbenches all the same, isn't it?