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Added Shippensburg stuff.  10.20.04,7:30 pm

More stuff added..  October 8, 6:15 pm

Pictures from the Beach tournament, the Boat Race, and Allegheny Tournament have been added.  More pictures have been added to the Edinboro page. 

You can click on any picture on the site (other than the logos at the top) to view a larger version of that picture.


Want to go to Barbados for a Hat Tournament?  Check out this link:  It's over Thanksgiving Break (November 24-26, I believe).  It looks like a lot of fun, and Barbados is better than where you plan to go for Thanksgiving!



Allegheny (9-25-04)

Edinboro Skylander '04 (October 2nd,3rd)

Shippensburg '04 (October 9th,10th)


Boat Race (9-18-04 ?)

Beach (Spring '04 sometime..)


Overall record

12 wins, 9 losses

Updated site.. sort of.  - Ryan, October 3, 11:34 pm

Some of you may have heard; most of you haven't (Thank you, Mr. Obvious): Ryan has started updating/maintaining the new web site.  Any suggestions, comments, questions, whatever..or for some random spam, just send it to this AIM screen name: Ryanblakdeth.


Put some pictures and information from Edinboro up.. click the link on the right or from the above menu.




Check out some pictures and stuff of the past tournaments.