Jared's New and Improved Biased Opinion of Best/Worst Jobs in the Air Force

Best Jobs in the Air Force


-=in no particular order=-

Still the greatest job in the Air Force. You save lives, not just military, but everyone!
You get all this great training, Sky Diving, Scuba, Paramedic school. If I stay in the Air Force,
this is what I want to do. It would be cool to get out, become a paramedic and skydive, and come
back in the air force to do this when I finish my college. Of course, they still only have that 10 % success
rate of students. If you can do this, do it!

Same great story, Travel, money, "relatively" easy. Get a flight suit which the chicks dig.
You actually might get a lot combat time, although you'll be in the sky dropping off the
weapons... like me! Most loadmasters love their jobs, which is something you can't say for
most of the air force... but I think in order to be a loadmaster, you have to be fat and
arrogant. haha

Air Traffic Controller
Poor ATC girl, she lost me...
Anyway, another good job, and also has a great counterpart in the real world.
They work hard, at a real job, and usually have fun working. You'll be part of a small
crew so you'll know everyone you work with well. Just watch out for all the suicide jokes
and dont get too stressed. Lots of bonus money too.

Tactical Command and Control (ROMAD)
C'mon, you gotta love being a bastard child of the air force, and the red-headed
step child of the army. Especially with all the publicity lately from Afghanistan.
This is the new way war is fought, with Romads killing the majority of the battlefield.
Fighter planes strafing and dropping bombs that rock your insides... how can you beat that?
We're still lacking a lot of things, but the potential in this job is awesome. It takes a
little time to get up to the level where you're kicking down doors with Green Berets, but
this job has been something, at times, that I'd do for free.


Security Forces
Man do I hate cops. There you are, having a great time, when the cops tell you your party is too loud, or that you were driving too fast. Man, who really wants to be that buzz kill? Maybe real cops can feel like they're making the world a better place, but c'mon... in the air force all you are is a security guard who works 60+ hours a week checking ID cards and busting people with expired license plates. Get real, if you wanna be a cop one day, there are better ways than this.

Absolutly the worst job to have in the Military!
You work alongside civilian fire-fighters, who work for the air force.
So you know that shows how much the air force trusts you to fight fires...
Working one day on, one day off may sound cool, but that means that you are
at work at the same time each and everyday, whether you're getting on or off
shift is silly. I mean, your boss would prolly work with you as far as
going to college, or whatever, but still... ok ok ok...
This job isn't that bad. In fact it's one of the better jobs... are you happy now Monique?

Crew Chief
Gas station attendant for a plane. Make sure the tires are inflated, scrape bird
strikes off the planes. If you're a cargo plane crew chief, you can clean the puke up
from all of the airborne soldiers (and romads) who toss their cookies. You could always
be a flying crew chief later on though, and that'd be ok.

They just expect too much out of this job. Driving buses and forklifts and big rigs just
doesn't sound like that much fun to me.

Tactical Command and Control (ROMAD)
Man do I hate my job right now. But I'm working at a really high level, and prolly
wont even do one Romad thing (besides get drunk haha) the whole time in Korea... plus so many details for us
young guys... and then there's the army... who you'll never escape from.

If you feel that you have the best/worst job in the airforce, or just want to correct something stupid I wrote, click here and maybe i'll listen, but I'll prolly just laugh at your miserable story and make fun of you on this very web page.

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