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- Behind the Glasses - - A Clay Cliff Fortran shrine.

Clay, obviously, loves knowledge. He is always trying to fill in the gaps of things he doesn't understand about GOA, they war they are in, and the pasts of himself and his classmates. But behind his outward personality, I think there is more to him than what may seem. For example; when Clay is moved up in GOA, he gives his glasses to his repairer, Saki. Clay has atomics in both eyes, and didn't need them in the first place. Saki thought that he was hiding behind them, and when he gave her something that was so important to him, that meant alot to her. I think Clay may have a grasp on something that no one else knows, or he is hiding something about himself. He seems to be a very deep person at times, and searches for the truth. He is, to me, wise beyond his years, but also just your average 15 year old. Confused and seeking the truth.

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