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- Behind the Glasses - - A Clay Cliff Fortran shrine.

Clay is extremely smart, and he probably knows it. He loves aquiring new knowledge, even if it means hacking into computer systems and doing things a bit against the rules sometimes. He also loves sharing his knowledge with others, but hates getting ignored. And sadly, that is what usually happens. Clay is a bit antsy when it comes to fighting in battles, and needless to say, he isn't the best at it. He even hates getting dragged into small quarrels between his classmates. Clay would much rather be observing and analyzing a mobile suit fight, or sneaking away from the battle completely, rather than contributing to it. Clay often seems to be trying to peice together puzzles or mysteries, and trying to get a better grasp and understanding of the whole scheme and intent of GOA and the goddesses. That is why he decided to be enrolled with GOA in the first place, he was more interested in the program rather than actually becoming a pilot.

Clay gets along with just about everyone, and is a very accepting person. He treats everyone with equal respect, and doesn't seem too intimidated by anyone, even Hiead. Clay is probably closest to Zero out of his fellow candidates, but he still considers many people equal. Clay's repairer, Saki, is a very smart girl, and I think something about that intriegs him. He wants to gain all the knowledge he can, so he is naturally drawn to Saki. I think Saki is a lot more fond of Clay than she lets on to. She is often embarassed by his skills on the battlefield, and his ability to get them in trouble with his urge to seek knowledge. But when Saki loses Clay as a partner because he is moved up, Saki cries at the loss. I think Saki really appreciated Clay, and I like to think that there could be a... Relationship. Because I'm a retard. Don't listen to me about that, it's just wishful thinking. XD

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