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- Behind the Glasses - - A Clay Cliff Fortran shrine.

GOA Serial Number: 89
Age: 15 years
Bloodtype: EO
EX: observation and analysis
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Automics: located in both eyes
Eye Color: light brown
Hair Color: light brown

Official description from the main character profiles in Tank 1
"A classmate of Zero's, and the most sensible of their group. Although he is interested in GOA, he does not really want to become a Pilot. He appears to be entertained by many things. He has a habit of saying 'Very interesting'."

Official description from the character profiles in the back of Tank 3
"A Candidate for Goddess. His number is 89. He's the intellectual of the group, preferring to fight with his brain than his muscles; reason is his favorite trait. He had an ulterior motive for becoming a Candidate for Goddess -- not because he wanted to become a Goddess Pilot, but because he was interested in GOA. He is full of curiosity, and he has a habit of saying 'Very interesting...'"