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- Behind the Glasses - - A Clay Cliff Fortran shrine.

"I begged you not to go.
I begged you, I pleaded.
Claimed you as my only hope
and watched the floor as you retreated..."
-Dashboard Confessional

We have a little saying here: "CLAY ALL THE WAY!"

Welcome, my chilluns, to probably the only Clay Cliff Fortran shrine on the web! I heart Clay very much, and to me, he is the one and only character in Megami Kouhosei that deserves a shrine. XD! I hope you find this site informative and fun, and I hope you can quench your Clay cravings here. The navigation is at top, above the main picture. Browse away!

- Laura - 7/14/02 -

[ FANDOM ]'s little corner of Megami Kouhosei fanfics. Sadly, there aren't many Clay ones (possibly 2 XP), but I'm working on my own! I'm sick of the lack of respect given to Clay. XP
Ya, There are no other Clay-dedicated sites that I know of.


[ ETC ]
Ah, the lyrics up there were brought to you by Dashboard Confessional, through the lovely song, "The Good Fight". I thought that they may portray the way a certain someone was feeeling about Clay... *giggle* Probably not, though. *die*
Oh yes, the title was thought up by myself and Julie.