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Hardcore Shoot 20 w/ Lincoln Steen

1. You have wrestled from Nova Scotia to Manitoba, on the Death Tour, with RAW, with one of the most talented rosters in Atlantic Canada History. Your success has been well documented! If you could name one person who got you to this level, who would it be and why?

The one person who really got me to the level I am at today is Scott Savage... most would think it was Vance Nevada. While Vance had a lot to do with my career so far, Scott was really the guy who pushed me to that level. That is proven by the fact that he left the Maritimes this year and I really havenít done a whole lot with myself in his absence. I donít like getting myself into something where Scottís not involved... out of the 95+ shows Iíve been a part of, I can count the number of shows on one hand that Scott wasnít at.

2. A current angle is running in MSW where you are speaking out against disrespectful green workers (rookies). Those who know you realize this isn't that far of a stretch. Explain what you expect out of a rookie in a locker room and in the ring with you?

Still being a bit of a rookie, I would have to say that in the ring I expect rookies to be comfortable enough to express any fears or doubts they have before a match. There is nothing worse then getting into the ring with someone who isnít comfortable with something, that is where accidents happen. Dressing room etiquette is something that rookies always have a problem with, not knowing when to speak up or not knowing when to shut their mouths is one thing. For example, if you want to bitch about money go to the office not to the boys, if you have a problem with one of the boys, then go to the boys and not to the office. Basically go straight to the source of your problems.

Another thing that a lot of guys donít realize that every time you start with a new office you start at the bottom floor and have to work your way back up by paying your dues. Just because you are one of the top guys in Ontario, doesnít mean your shit doesnít smell when you come to the Maritimes. Unless they tell you that you donít have to set up the ring or help set up other stuff, then you are expected to. Hard work pays off, they notice when you are talking to the marks or bouncing a ball instead of helping out.

3. You have personally taken well known Maritime Wrestling Reporter New Scott from "just another Mark" to a respected reporter and tape trader. Why would you let him on the inside and expect the boys to accept him?

New Scott is a very close and personal friend of mine. During the time I didnít have my license, New Scott always was willing to take off work and pick me up to go to a show. New Scott lives in Halifax and has came to Enfield to take me to a show in Halifax. For his help I am forever grateful.

As far as letting him on the inside, the only locker room he has ever been in is the MSW locker room. But this guy doesnít just tape shows, he has been known to help with setting up the ring and helping the boys with the stuff. He has always been eager to help out when asked. He knows enough about hard work in this business to be able to tell some guys coming up what it really takes to get over. Itís not like a threw a red carpet at his feet to let him on the inside, he has worked just as hard to be accepted as anyone else had to. He just doesnít want to get in the ring and ever actually do it. I respect that, although I have been known to try new holds on him... lol.

4. Vance Nevada, Eddie Watts, and Chi Chi Cruz - if their wrestling careers ended today, who would leave the biggest legacy on the business as a whole?

Thatís a tough question, while I have the utmost respect for each individual, itís hard to say who would leave the biggest legacy. Eddie Watts will definitely leave the biggest welt on your head if you donít answer him quickly enough in the bar. Vance Nevada might just cut the best promoís in the business. Chi Chi Cruz may be one of the best unsigned talents in Canada. All three guys have about 40 years of experience collectively and still have potential for decades of outstanding matches. But if their careers ended today, more Maritime fans are more likely to rank Cheech up there when they tell their kids stories about when they used to go watch wrestling. He would be the guy they would recall when they mention the Leo Burkeís, the Beastís and the Cuban Assassinís.

5. MSW has been called backyard or garbage wrestling. Are you concerned about working with a fed that takes such heat effecting your career in the long run? Even if the comments are not legitimate.

MSW has fought and proved a lot of nay-sayers wrong. MainStream Wrestling may not be on the level of the talent of RAW or ACW, but the entertainment value is close to the same. Iím not overly concerned with what kind of repercussions working with MSW might have on my career. Not to be too Egotistical, but I feel being the big fish in a small pond has done wonders for getting my name heard. Mike Hughes has told me before that he heard that MSW was basically Lincoln Steen and Jeremiah Delinquent. Not to knock the talent of MSW, but I feel I am the top guy, I have gotten myself to places that the rest of the roster hasnít got themselves to yet. Not that the rest of the locker room canít do it, but they just havenít took the time to set up to the plate yet

6. If RAW started up tomorrow with the same management in place do you demand cash or a handshake and why?

First I demand my back pay, then I demand my pay be paid in advance, so If I donít have the cash, I donít work. I donít think the management realizes that like them, the boys need to make a living too. Letís look at this, you got guys coming from Winnipeg and BC, working from 4-7 days a week for chicken feed. Some of these guys have families at home to help support. If they couldnít make these guyís weekly pay checks then they shouldnít have brought them out.

7. Much like myself and Storm you have wanted to work a full-time schedule in the Maritimes since the days of watching Grand Prix. Does getting screwed out of your pay out in the end take away from the overall experience with RAW?

Luckily I was able to hold a full time job while still making my appearances with RAW, during my stay with the company I only missed three shows (all in Cape Breton on Thursday nights). I learned a great deal of invaluable lessons while on the road with them, things like donít trust Duke MacIsaac with a sharpie if you pass out in Mike Hughesí van.

The Schedule was tough juggling the two, days with shows I was running this schedule

6am : start work
2 or 2:30pm: end work
2:45pm shower and head to gym
4:15pm leave gym have second shower
5pm head to show
6pm arrive at show, help with remaining setup
6:30pm get into gear
7pm to 10pm show time
10:15pm to 11:45pm help tear down
12:45 PM arrive home
1am sound asleep (and trust me fast asleep)

Iíd be back up the next morning, I had a lot of meals in the car or shower... Am I happy with what happened? No. But these things happen you got to grin and bear it.

8. Its no secret that you have heat with my student "Superstar" Shawn Morgan. Lets get it out in the open. Explain the "heat"!

I think he is a piece of shit. A total waste of air. There were many times that I wanted to say something to him but out of respect for you I didnít. But now with all that has happened, Iíll finally say what Iíve wanted to say.

For someone with 30 matches under his belt he talks a lot of shit about some guys that have been around longer then him. I mean there are some opinions you should keep to yourself, you donít go out and say that the match you had sucked because of who you were working with. At 30 matches you donít stand back and watch guys tear down or set up the ring. You get your ass out there and fucking help them. You donít bitch about not getting paid to the two guys in the locker room who just were freshly fucked in the ass for money. In the Maritimes you donít start off a statement "well, in Ontario, we do this..." because you will get punched in the mouth. Because no one here cares about what you did there... they care about you paying your dues and proving that you deserve to be there. You donít bitch about how shitty the ring is and say how great and amazing your ring you learned in ontario was, because again no one cares. You donít walk into a dressing room with one match under your belt and try to teach someone who has been wrestling non stop for 5 months how to lock up properly. And you donít screw over the guy who opened his home for you to live. You donít steal DVDís from guys that wanted you to feel at home in the Maritimes.

I say all this on the Internet right now, but if he were to come up face to face Iíd say the same thing to him. Like I said I would have said something a lot earlier if it wasnít for the respect I hold for you. I may not necessarily like everyone I come into contact with in this business, but at least I show them respect. This guy doesnít have any respect for anyone. Instead of working hard to get over with guys, he kisses ass and expects the best. Thereís no place for someone who doesnít want to work in this business. Nobody starts out as a super star and he is no different. Donít get me confused this time, as far as his wrestling ability is concerned, he is just as good as the next guy... but his attitude is terrible. He just needs to grow up and realize that itís not just what you can do in the ring, but how you behave out of it.

9. Kayfabe - what does it mean to you?

Kayfabe went from donít tell anyone what goes on in the business to a funny word the marks say when they think they are talking like the boys. Itís too bad that the fans are starting to make it tough for the boys to entertain them. If more of these "smart marks" and so-called Internet insiderís kept their fucking noses and opinions out of the business then maybe they can go back to what they do best in enjoying the show and we can go back to doing what we do best, entertaining the fans.

10. In my opinion Scott Savage has been your greatest opponent, but the match has been done to death. Do you feel there is any place else the promoters can take the two of you in an angle?

Can anything really been done to death? I have a lot of respect for Scott, no matter how many times I hit him in the head, he still comes back for more. I donít believe that there will ever be an end to what kind of surprises that could be found in one of our matches. Scott and I have never really had grudge matches, we are always just striving towards the same goal, whether it be the MSW Championship, the Canadian Unified Junior Heavyweight Champion, the RAW light heavyweight title, Taylor Matheny or trying to impress Sarah. Even our first match was about being the best, as long as one of us remains at a higher standing then the other, weíll still be fighting tooth and nail. I donít know what a promoter would have to do.

11. The Canadian Junior Unified Championship - is it around your waist because you earned it or because you are tight with the booker for the title?

Itís around my wait because it should have been technically around my waist at the last RAW Taping when it was known as the RAW light heavyweight title. I felt the Halifax fans would get the fact that it was the same belt.

12. At the last UCW show in a match with Trash Canyon a German Suplex went wrong and Trash ended up with a nasty concussion. In cases like this do you feel you have to take responsibility or write it off to the dangers of our sport?

I felt terrible when it happened. I feel terrible when anyone gets seriously hurt in the wrestling ring, we all have loved ones at home and we all want to be see them. Iím not going to take responsibility for something unless it is directly my fault. In this case, it was both of our faults. My fault for suggesting the move and Trashís for saying he could take it. I should have known better then do something that I didnít think Trash felt comfortable with, but he assured me that he was cool with it. Watching the New Scott Tape of the show illustrates exactly what went wrong with the suplex and I have already enlightened Trash to where the mishap occurred. But this is wrestling, not ballet, and shit happens. You just have to grit you teeth and live and learn.

13. NWA TNA - X Division is known for its high spots and workers that most fans don't get to see very often. When all is said and done what will TNA be known for?

not going to answer because I honestly donít know.

14. The term "Steened" means to have something taken from you and used by Lincoln Steen. Do you feel its more unprofessional of you to take the moves and actions in the first place or for the workers to whine and complain about it later as there are very few trademarks on wrestling moves?

Anytime I have "Steened" something from another wrestler I have used it in another territory. Look at Eddie Wattís "Hey" gimmick, Bobby Rude used it in Ohio Valley and Heartland Wrestling, Joe E. Legend used it and Mike Sanders started using it after a match with Legend. Let them whine, they should feel flattered that they started something so good someone had to Steen it.

15. Lets get your opinion on the Ontario Wrestling Scene.

From the talent I worked with from Ontario, I feel it is one of the low points of Canadian Wrestling. It seems that instead of spending time in the ring and the gym to make themselves better, they focus on getting trained, then believing they already know everything about the game and telling people that they are the best. Hereís a thought, why does one of the top talents in North America not take bookings in Ontario anymore? If the Ontario Scene isnít good enough for him, what does it have to offer me to make me better.

16. Rookie of the year in the Maritimes - Scott Phoenix, Tony Armstrong, Cinder or Vinny Glyde and why?

Sinder, That guy is one of the hardest working rookies I have meet. Not that the others didnít work hard, but with the guidance that Sinder received from Eddie Watts and his eagerness to get into the ring and learn gets him my vote in this category.

17. What do you need to make it to the next level? Not necessarily the WWE, but Japan, Mexico, or some of the other bigger indy feds.

My biggest problem is my conditioning. My in ring stuff is good enough to get me a look anywhere. But Iím the first to admit that my conditioning is tip top. But I plan to rectify my problem with some serious gym time and dieting. That is my main focus this year. That is all I feel is holding me back. I want to be able to wrestle with no shirt.

18. Is the Maritimes big enough for two feds to run full-time schedules? It appears to me that ACW and RAW spent a lot of time trying to kill each other, would it have been possible for them to co-exist if they had of concentrated on their own product?

The Maritimes arenít big enough to run full time with two promotions. In order to make money wresting full time in the Maritimes, you have to take a month, one solid week in Nova Scotia, One Solid Week in New Brunswick and divide the left over two weeks between Cape Breton, PEI and the major centers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. That way you donít hit the same town every week. If promotions would focus on the big picture instead of their general area then us as the boys would all prosper.

19. Do wrestling legends draw in the Maritimes? Would Jimmy Snuka vs. King Kong Bundy sell out the Metro Center or not even fill the Forum MPC?

You never know without trying. But is it worth the risk of their respective guaranteeís and plane tickets to find out?

20. Opinion of the following: (can be more then one word)

Devin Chittick - thinks small, dreams big

Morgan Storm - Sheís a great gal... I think she tries to sneak a peak in the locker room though... donít worry, Taylor and Sarah did too... lol

Sweet Sarah - definitely one of the hottest talents out there. Iíd say sheíll do well, but sheís already doing it. Canít believe she put up with me here as long as she did.

Matt Henstock - mark

Flexx Falcone - hopefully will still be one of the best conditioned wrestlers I know after his rehab

Jerry Martell - just starting to realize how to make it in this business the right way

Shane King - who the fuck is Shane King? Isnít he that fruit from Cape Breton who wanted to be in intensive care?

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