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Let me start out by saying just how important our family and friends are to us. We have this page to show people that we are real people with real family that we love and care for. This page is not about Jerry Martell and Morgan Storm. Its about Wendy Knowlton, Bill Knowton, and our beautiful daughter Julia. On this page you will find people who mean a great deal to us and see some candid shots of our wedding that took place at Camp Martell Professional Wrestling School. It was an amazing experience to have our family and friends share in that special day and we would like to honor them with this page.

Bill as "Shadow" with a young Julia and her beautiful mother Wendy.
Bill & Wendy stopping for a quick one after a show in Musq. NS.
Jewel at 14mths - Yes she is still this beautiful. The light of our lives.

Wendy's parents Freeman & Leona Grant. That is some dress!
Bill with Mother Kathy & Grandmother Margaret.
Best friends Steve & Twilla Quinn pictured with good friend CeCe Cunningham.

Best friend Jennifer Arseneau as Maid Of Honor - Yes its Brigit!
Jenn's daughter Emma & Jewel chasing bubbles at the wedding.
What an awesome night - the two of us together!

Once again thank you for sharing the wonders of our family and friends with us. We have many more special people in our lives that will be added to this page on future updates, so if you would like to learn more about the personal side of Jerry and Morgan make sure to keep checking back. Thanks again!

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