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New website, new home, new focus. What a year!

So, this is our new website. We decided that since we are partners both in the business and in life, we should have a website together. Don't worry. You'll still get lots of information on me. Personally, I like the website. Sign of a great webmaster, I think...

There have been lots of changes since we had our last websites up. We are living in Nova Scotia, and wrestling mainly in the Maritimes. We are no longer exclusively associated with any organization in Ontario. There have been a lot of rumours about that, and I'm going to end them right here. It was time. Period. We wish GLCW and Wrestle Corps the best of luck. We are confident that the students who started with us will continue to develop into the best wrestlers in Ontario. Not that exciting a story, and certainly not worth all the talk going around about it.

I want to talk right now about something I believe in very strongly; respect. Looking back on our experiences with Camp Martell, I believe we missed training the students in that one aspect. Some just happen to have respect for their teachers, their mentors and each other. But some needed to learn that wrestling is more than just what happens in the ring. Having respect is about setting up rings, even if it isn't "your" promotion. It's about respecting the promoters and not talking back to them or talking badly about them to other workers. It's about doing shows even if the promoter can't pay you, just because you want to wrestle. It's about appreciating the help others have given you along the way. It's about paying your dues. I have been in the business for 5 years. I have been on the business side of wrestling, I have been on the production side of shows, I have been a valet, and I have been a wrestler. I have set up so many rings, I have lost count. I have been paid, well, let's just say I can keep count. Do I consider myself a vetran? Not even a little bit! Do I still need to pay my dues? Of course. The fact that some of these guys think they are finished paying their dues is rediculous. They haven't even started! And, this attitude has gotten them in trouble already. There are certain wrestlers who (although I'm sure they will blame myself and Jerry) are no longer welcome in the Maritimes because of the attitudes they have given promoters and other more experienced workers. I guess they will learn the hard way.

On to better things. MainStream Wrestling has opened a training centre in Halifax. They are holding shows every other Saturday there, and the training is available every Saturday. It's located at 2530 Agricola Street in Halifax. It's a great place, and even greater with the likes of Jerry Martell, Lincoln Steen, and, of course, Morgan Storm on the card. The next show is Febrary 22nd. Then, at the end of the month, I will be wrestling in Maine for Rampage Pro Wrestling. Morgan Storm is going to the USA! Things are heating up for my career, and I am ready!

So, until next time, respect those who came before you, keep drugs away from kids, and watch for Morgan Storm's name in your community!

Morgan Storm


Well I don't even know where to begin - it was the most interesting, fun, and shitty weekend of my wrestling career all rolled into one. Morgan, Lance Romance, Tony Armstrong, "The Package" Scott Pheonix, and myself just got back from Maine and a small tour with RPW and man do I have some things to talk about. The first part of the commentary is just going to describe some stuff that went on, then I have some specific things that need to be addressed.

We did a show on Thursday night with MSW at Dolittle's and I had a great time, it was by far my best work on the mic and my match with Phoenix wasn't five stars by any means but it gave the crowd what they wanted and gave Phoenix some much needed confidence with his ring work. If you want to watch a worker on the move keep an eye on Phoenix, he is going to be great someday and I hope to play a role in that. The overall show was good, MSW has some great talent right now with Steen, Vinny Glyde, Lance Romance and Cinder coming on board. I'm proud to be apart of the company and Devn Chittick has made some drastic steps at booking new venues and giving us all the work we can handle. MSW is my home at this point and I couldn't be happier.

After the show we headed out to Maine and let me say crossing the border was a little intimidating but when you aren't carrying drugs its not as hard as it could be. We got to Sonny Sopranos after a hellish ride down the old airport road and settled in for a couple hours before heading out to the venue. We arrived at the venue and I will be the first to admit we (I) came on a bit strong with the boys, but it got the point across that I respect Legion and Sonny and expect the same from the boys that they made. The ring is easy to set up, they have a very professional look with guardrails and consistent color scheme. I just felt that some of the guys don't appreciate what they have and if me being a prick and not getting invited back helped them realize then I"m happy. Now don't let me give you the wrong impression, the majority of the guys specially the really green kids are great and want to help. I was happy to be a part of the lockeroom, I just personally feel maybe some of their vets need to step up and throw their weight around and lead by example. I ran a small training seminar with the greener guys and hope that rubs off on everyone and they start doing it before every show. We all need work, even guys that have been doing this forever need work. The real professionals admit that.

I squashed a kid in his first match just to establish my gimmick, it wasn't anything to write home about, but it did the trick. Morgan had a good match as did Lance and Scott. Tony worked Sonny in the Maine and worked his ass off to have a good match. Tony came into his own on this trip and should be proud of the improvements he made.

After the show we helped load the ring and rode behind Sonny as the van broke down, no one was interested in helping so we had to call Sonny's wife to come get Sonny. A nice hour drive that could have been avoided. Sonny took it all in stride, but lets just say the Candian Forearm came out the next night to let the boys know the Canadians weren't! We actually got some sleep that night and the truck was fixed by the time we got up.

The next day we took our time getting up and headed over to the venue after Morgan and I had a fine meal in the Dexter Cafe. There were some heat issues with the boys, but I kept my mouth shut and prepared for my match. I worked Sonny in the Main and had a good oldschool match that I was very happy with. Morgan had the match of her life against a great kid named Cameron Matthews. He wanted to learn and did exactly what he had to do to tell a story. Morgan was happy with the match as was I. It was Morgan's best work to date and I was very proud of her.

After the show we had to head back to avoid a storm, lets just say the ride back is a commentary all on its own. Now lets get to the putting people over and under, I wouldn't normally ask for heat like this but people pissed me off good and it needs to be mentioned. But on the same note there was some very pleasent people who need to be mentioned as well.

Arron Beaver - Arron gets mentioned because he came to Maine to ref for RPW, he brought his whole family and they became very upset when they were told to help out with the show or pay for a ticket. Instead of doing the professional thing and keeping his mouth shut Arron threw a hissy fit and turned around and headed back to NS leaving Devin Chittick (MSW Owner) and his lovely girlfriend Joanne stranded in Maine with no way home. So far the Beaver clan has threatened myself, Morgan, and even my daughter Julia. They have said numerous things to Tony on message boards as well. They don't understand why I got involved in the whole argument. Well here it is, when you were down in Maine representing MSW you were associated with me and leaving in a hissy fit and stranding your boss made us all look bad. The workers found it funny that we couldn't even control our refs - I didn't find it funny and will go on record right now as saying I will never work with Aaron Beaver again. He is a terrible ref, but we looked beyond that because he did work hard for the company. If he climbs in a ring again with me he will be taught respect. Trust me.

Scott Phoenix - You are coming into your own, stay tight in the ring and don't be scared to show people what you have. You had three good matches in a row, and are showing what needs to be shown. Your a little cry baby in the car but I'm willing to put up with it - for now.

Lance Romance - One of the nicest and most professional guys I have ever met, I watched him in the ring and he has the best natural movement I have ever seen. This guy is way over in my books and I will do whatever I have to do to help advance his career. If you head over to New Scott Dot Com you will see and interview with Quintin Baroboni (or something like that) about CEW and Lance being fired. First and foremost that interview showed exactly what is wrong with CEW and I'm sure Gord Glyn who I have found to be a reasonalbe man is not going to be happy having a moron release a statement that makes them look that bad. Lance would not demand something and if he had a demand I will say that it was for the betterment of the company. Lance is by far the best thing to come from NFLD since Sailor White and CEW losing him shows that the company is not concerned about its product as it claims. To call Lance bad in the lockeroom is showing what CEW is all about.

The Blond Punk From 69 Degrees - Kid, you have talent in the ring and your attitude normally seems fine, but not shaking people's hands because you got a couple of back chops isn't a good idea. I lost any respect for you! That may mean nothing, but if I lost respect for you then you did something and it might happen with someone influential to your career. There is a receipt system in wrestling, you got off easy, if Phoenix was the one that dished it out you would have been in agony. We kept him way for the purpose of just teaching you a lesson, not killing you. You know what you did, I don't recommend speaking out on the issue, just let it drop. You have a great feud coming up with your very talented partner, prove yourself in the ring not with your mouth.

Tony Armstrong - You took some giant steps this weekend my friend, you are in for big things. It's an honor to watch you grow as a worker and as a personality in the business.

Sonny and Wife - I won't mention her name as she isn't really in the business. They treated us so good and welcomed us into their home. I consider them more friends then promoters and look forward to seeing both of them again. Some of the best times on the trip were us just sitting around chatting. They were wonderful and I can't say enough good things about them.

Legion Cage - You are making the next step man, realize that and drop the dead weight that is holding you down. Someday I'm going to be watching TV and say "I wrestled that guy." Legion always treats me good and I hope my behavior did not offend him in anyway, it was actually a testiment to the respect I have for him as a worker and a person.

The spelling and grammer is awful, but I don't care, I got a lot of my chest and feel better, not to move on. See you Thursday at DoLittles, I have a little something planned that should be pretty funny. There will be another update in a couple of days with some pretty big personal news.


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