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4-String Primus Tablature

    I was disappointed when I first got into Primus that I couldn't play most of the stuff Les Claypool could on his six-string fretless bass. So I spent some time learning to play some of his songs on a four-stringer and tabbing it out. Well this site is for you, as every song on here, whether it be transposed, detuned, or just straight out weird, is written for us 4-string bass players. Feel free to download these tabs and distrubute them, use them as much as you'd like, but please give me credit for the ones I have written. Have fun, and feedback is appreciated.

This site is still under construction.

Please Note : As the albums "Suck On This" and "Frizzle Fry" were written and played on a 4-string fretted bass, I will most of the time take the ideas of many other people, see which sounds best, mix and match, and put it on here. I will leave credit for those whom can be left credit. If I do not credit you because I cannot find the source of who wrote the tablature, I will write Anonymous. Please e-mail me if you wrote the tab and I will credit you.

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Suck On This

1. John The Fisherman
2. Groundhog's Day
3. The Heckler
4. The Pressman
5. Jellikit
6. Tommy the Cat
7. Pudding Time
8. Harold of the Rocks
9. Frizzle Fry

Frizzle Fry