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Barnacle Beak - "Songs For The Workin' Man" CD '01 CD
Bible Thumpers, The - "A Moment Of Clarity" CDr '02
Bobbing For Phlegm - "Using The Uterus As A Weapon To Kill" '01 CD
Boy In Love; - "Gleegle Eagles" '96 CD
Boy In Love; - "Oh TV, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways. Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 8..." CD '01
Breathilizer - "For The Ultimate Pain Of Medusa's Love" A.K.A. "Evil Grotokhan VI" CDr '02
Cauliflower Ass And Bob - "Drunker Than Piss" '01 CD
Cauliflower Ass And Bob - "Merry Christmas (You Son Of A Bitch)" CD '01
Cauliflower Ass And Bob - "Spilt Whiskey And Utter Dispair" CDr '02
Changing Bill - "Parma, Ohio Hardcore" '01 CD
Ear Candy - "Chante La Femme" '01 CD
Especially Likely Sloth - "Umbilical Cord Stampede" '00 CD
Especially Likely Sloth - "Under The Rug I Flapped Wildly" '00 CD
Especially Likely Sloth - "Greatest Hits In Mime" '00 CD
Especially Likely Sloth - "Panda Rescue" '01 CD
Facious Khan - "Snowbush Fight" '01 CD
Feeble Axis - "S/T" CDr '02
Fossil Fuel - "This One Hurts You!" '97 CD*
Fossil Fuel - "I Hate Music" '01 CD
Fossil Fuel - "Merry X-mas Asshole!" '00 CD
Johnston, Daniel Dale - "Rejected Unknown" CD '01
Kids Of Widney High, The - "Special Music From Special Kids" CD
Kids Of Widney High, The - "Let's Get Busy" '99 CD
Kill The Hippies - " The Early Years: 1994 - 1995" '00 CD
Mr. Mystery - "Eat The Sun" '01 CD
Monotoneato - "S/T" '01 CD
Poops, The - "Sandwhich, Cake, Glob" '00 CD
Shaggs, The - "S/T" '88 CD
Sockeye - "Barf On A Globe" '99 CD
Sockeye - "Fiesta Buttcrack Swordfish" '00 CD
Sockeye - "Retards Hiss Past My Window" '01 CD
Tulip Sweet And Her Trail Of Tears - "Touched" '99 CD
Toxic Pilgrims, The - "Love, Politics And A TV" '01 CD
Volkswhale - "Our Finest Disasters" '01 CD
Wesley Willis Fiasco - "Spookydisharmoniousconflictride" '96 CD
Willis, Wesley - "Fabian Road Warrior" '96 CD
Willis, Wesley - "Greatest Hits" '95 CD
Willis, Wesley - "Greatest Hits II" '99 CD

Split CDs:

Sockeye / That One Band - "Butts Taking Craps" '97 CD
Tampon Diet As Mermaid In A Manhole / Ham Sandwich And The Donald Flashback Machine - "Quality Rock "N Roll Music" '01 CD
The Great Experiment / Testicle Bomb - "Beating Off With A Handful Of Razor Blades / Blind Society" '01 CD
Vaginal Discharge / Hearseberry Taco - "Split CD" CD


"Favorite Foods" Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Comp CD
"Monumentally Retarded" CD
"Orchestral Manures In The Dork" WC Comp CD
"Piss, Violence And The Sound Of Grandma" CD Comp '00 CD
"We Suck, But You Suck Worse" WC Comp '00 2CD



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