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Unanswered Questions

How do you throw away a garbage can?

In some books why do they have blank pages at the very end?

If you are born exactly at midnight, do you have two birthdays?

Why do people say "bye bye" but not "hi hi."

If you decide that you are indecisive, which one are you?

Why would Superman want to leap over the tallest building in a single bound when he can fly?

Why is an alarm clock going "off" when actually goes on?

Why do Christmas lights say "for indoor and outdoor use only?" Where else are you suppose to use them?

If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

Why do drugstores make the sick people walk all the way to the back to pick up their prescriptions when healthy people can buy cigarettes right up front?

Why is it called a drive though, if you have to stop?

Why do toasters have a setting that burn toast to a horrible crisp which no one would eat to begin with?

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"

Why are boxing rings square?

If you try to fail and succeed, what did you just do?

Why do they call it a black light when its really purple?

Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

What if the hokey pokey is what its really all about?

Where is the nursery rhyme does it say Humpty Dumpty is an egg?

Why is it that when someone tells you there are a million stars in the universe you believe them, but if they tell you that the paint on a wall is wet you have to touch it to make sure?

Do illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?

Have you ever thought what life would be like if your name was Anonymous? You'd get credit for all the things nobody wanted credit for!

If a pig looses its voice is it disgruntled?

Why isn't 11 pronounced onety-one?

Is a shell-less turtle homeless, or just naked?

If you choke a smurf what color does it turn?

Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

Why do they put Braille on the keypad of drive up ATM machines?

If you throw a cat out the car window does it become kitty litter?