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Starlight, Moonshine...


"So does this mean he doesn't care about me?" I was talking to Heather at the time, my best friend in the whole world. She hesitated for a minute not knowing what to tell me, possibly in fear of hurting me more than it already had. She started to say something and then she stopped and stood there looking into my eyes. After what seemed like an eternity she gave me the biggest hug and whispered into my ear, "Everything will be okay, I'm here for you if you need me."

I thought about what she had said for a couple weeks afterward. I didn't know what to think about it. I didn't know how I was suppose to feel about it. The whole time I was just sitting there wishing upon all the stars in the sky each night that he would call me and everything would truly be "okay" just like Heather had said.

I waited all summer for that telephone call. I never got it. I spent many nights lying in bed awake crying until there were no tears left in my eyes. That was something I wouldn't normally do over just some guy. But, this one...he wasn't just come guy. He was special, important...

I cared about him more than I had ever cared about anyone in my entire life. I cared about him so much, and he knew it! I had told him all about it in the letters I had written him my freshmen year of high school. But, before I knew it the year was over and I never did get much of a response from him. He did write me once, i still have his letter upstairs, and it's in my heart as well. I'll always remember it, "Starlight, Moonshine...if not today perhaps tomorrow will be a better day."

I never did quite know what he meant by that. All I knew is that he wrote it because I looked sad the day after I gave him the first letter that I had wrote him. All I really thought of it was that he was just a sweetheart and wanted to cheer me up the best that he knew how. I didn't know until that following school year that there really was more meaning behind what he had wrote that day in first hour.

When we started school that fall I walked into school the first morning with my head up and a smile on my face. But, I knew how I felt inside. Inside I was crying, just like I had been on those summer nights. Who was standing right there in the doorway waiting for me, wanting to talk to me? None other than the one and only guy who made my heart feel complete. I was so happy to see him again I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. All my friends thought I was nuts but, I didn't care...they didn't know how I felt.

When I finally let go of him and I looked at him and he had tears running down his cheeks. In all the years I had known him I had never seen him cry. I gave him another hug and softly asked him, "What's wrong?" He looked at me and told me that he needed to talk to me and to meet him where he had met me after school.

The first day of school is suppose to be one of the vest times of the entire year but al I could think about that entire day was him and what he had said to me that morning. I did see him since that day, in Spanish class. I didn't say anything to him. I just looked at him and smiled as he smiled back.

Seventh hour rolled around and I waited in anticipation for the bell to finally ring. I slowly walked down to my locker with Heather, telling her what he had told me that morning. She just looked at me and smiled as she made her way out to the bus. I slowly walked down the hallway until I finally saw him standing there.

He was standing there waiting for me, just like he said he would. Only something was different about him, he was holding something. He was holding a daisy. I never could quite figure out how he knew but daisies were and always will be one of my favorite flowers.

I started to cry and he gave me a hug and then handed me the flower that he once held in his soft hands. He gently brushed away my tears as we walked hand in hand out of the school building and down the street. As we walked together he told me everything.

I just looked at him shocked; I didn't know what to say. I hadn't expected him to say all that. He just looked at me and softly kissed me on the cheek. Then he very quietly asked, "Will you be my girlfriend?" I gave him a huge hug, and of course said yes.

We sat down on a park bench and talked about everything under the sun. We talked for hours as I rested my head in his lap. I had never before been so happy. Just then it started to get dark out and the stars were beginning to appear in the sky. I told him about how I use to wish upon the stars at night hoping that one day him and I would be together. We talked until the sun came up that next day, just him and I. Just as the sun came up we walked away hand in hand from that park bench to face the world together.