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Just a Moment In Time...

It was the beginning of second semester, my junior year, and I was your typical high school student.  At least that was the way I appeared on the surface.  On the outside, to the untrained eye, I was doing pretty well for myself.  I was in the majority of the advanced classes at school, and I was still doing better than average.  I had a part-time job, friends, I believe I even had a boyfriend at the time.  But on the inside I was screaming for help.  Slowly but surely, those friends I was talking about had more important things to do, leaving me pretty much alone in the world.  Family life wasnít bad, although it was nothing spectacular.  Many nights I would sit alone in my room, listening to music, wondering why I didnít seem to fit in with anything that was going on around me.  Wondering why I had been, from the way I saw it, utterly abandoned.  I began to feel as though very few people, if anyone, even cared that I was alive.

Although I may not remember the exact date, I still remember the night my life was changed forever.  The night one of the greatest guys I would ever meet truly became a part of my life.  Some people would call him a snoop, but I just call him my best friend.  I had noticed him before; I knew I had judging by how familiar he was to me.  I guess I knew who he was, but I never really knew him.  However, second semester I had decided to cadet for Mr. Lanierís sixth hour Health class.  I walked into the class full of sophomores the first day, and there he was, sitting alone on the side of the room.  Devin Jacob Nadeau, little did I know he would soon become my conscience, my support system, my guardian angel, and my very best friend.  For a while I just kept my eye on him, not really saying much more than a friendly hello.  But, as time went on I noticed, he never seemed to fit in with the class full of sophomores.  Somehow something was different about him; something set him apart from the rest.  Slowly but surely, we began to speak to one another more and more.  We exchanged email addresses and telephone numbers, calling and writing every now and again.  I felt myself growing attached to him, looking forward to the emails and telephone calls.  However, through it all, neither one of us had really connected the dots.

One day in class, just to be funny, he grabbed my agenda and started paging through it like a little snoop, but then he came across my address that I had previously written in it.  Iíll never forget the look on his face when he looked up and asked me if I realized I lived a block or so away from him.  Later on that week, he called and asked if I would like to come over to ďsee his house.Ē  It was rather late in the evening, on a school night, but I inquiringly accepted his offer.  He kindly met me half way between his house and mine, since I had never been there before.  I donít know how or why but him and I just clicked.  I thought we got along well in school, we almost got along better outside of school.  Both Devin and his father adored me; from that night on, I knew at least someone cared.

I still donít know what it was that drew us together, but I am thankful every day for what we have.  He is truly one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met, whether he thinks he is or not.  Of course we have our differences, but he is still one of the most important people in the entire world to me.  Truthfully, he is the only reason I am still here today to tell this story. He believed in me when no one else would, when everyone else had something better to do than be my friend, he was there.  A lot of who I am is because of him; he has taught me so much in life, like how to be a better person.  But most importantly, he has taught me that when you are all alone in the world, and you feel abandoned there is always someone out there to reach out and lend a hand.  That no matter how down you may feel, there is always someone to help out and pick you back up again.  Without him I would still feel that sense of abandonment, that sense of loneliness that made me cry.  Before I met him I had given up on myself, and I had almost given up on the world.  Luckily enough for me, life does give you second chances; and that night I got mine, I call him my best friend.