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Friendship and High School

So many people have said that the friends you have in High School aren't the same as the ones you have after you have graduated.  You may keep in contact with these people, but you will never feel as close to them as you once did.  When you start High School during the fall people tell you that will stay close to less than half of the friends you have while in High School, throughout your entire four years.  Even if you had been best friends with any one of them since middle school or even elementary school.  You never know what they are talking about until you witness it for yourself, first hand.

My freshmen year started out great, I thought I had never been happier.  But about half way through the year, it all hit me.  I started getting huge fights with some of my best friends for no reason at all.  They didn't just resolve themselves right away like they always had either; I had people mad at me for quite some time.  I can remember a time when the anger and resentment lasted for almost two months; I finally gave into that one.  I can remember so many times when I would just lie in bed awake at night dreaming and wishing upon all the stars in the sky that things would somehow go back to how they use to be.  Back to the time when everything was smile and nothing hurt quite so much.  I did however, manage to get through the rest of that year.  I came out of it all with only a few emotional scrapes and bruises.

Despite what had happened to me and involving me the previous year, I entered my sophomore year with my head up and a huge smile on my face.  I had, had a few months to put the pieces of my broken heart back together and I was once again ready to face the world no matter what, or so I thought.  It has only been not even a month and a half and already the same things are happening all over again, only they are more extreme.  This year various people have ignored me quite a bit.  But that, that is the least of my problems, or shall we say, "issues."  One of the greatest friends I have ever had all the way through elementary school, after I moved here, and throughout middle school told me I should grow up and start to come back to reality.  In a way, she has been kind of like, "Old Mother Hen" to me.  This past month or so I can't recollect a time when she wasn't trying to tell me what to do and how to life my life.  At first, I just played it off as though she didn't realize that I am my own person.  But, she continued to do it even after I had, had many extensive conversations with her about it.  It has really gotten to me lately, to the point where I have had tears in my eyes.

But, to any rule there is at least one exception.  Kind of like that crazy spelling rule, "I before E except after C."  Only, in that case there are a million other exceptions, in mine there is only one.  Her name is Heather Rose Chopp.  I believe I met her early on in my seventh grade year.  Ever since then she has been my conscience, my guardian angel, my shoulder whenever I have needed to cry.  She has even said herself that I could never do anything that could get her mad at me.  But, at the same time I could, I just don't have it in me, to do something that got her to the point where she was mad.  Like the poem I recently wrote her says: "An angel is my friend..."  I love her to pieces!  I hope to always be as close to her as I am now.  I will never be able to forget her; she will always have a special place in my heart.  

Friends that you have in high school and possibly even before will become distant from you after you graduate.  But, always remember...there are always exceptions to the rule.