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4.1 Class biodata done by Tan peng cheng . Please forgive me if this website sucks. I donít give a shit to HTML and it is like wat.. 12.40am on a Sunday?????? Watafuck I am suffering from depression and for the first time insomnia ( yes itís true itís damm true donít laugh you fuck face) so forgive me if you thing this is shit( actually I meant it to be full of shit anyway) watahell I DONĒT GIVE A SHIT TO WHAT YOU THINK SO THERE!!!!! Lawyes note: pun fucking intended. Come back ten years from now and sue him but you can all suck your own ****$#@$ balls now. Thank you. Palachristnan is a Indian law firm but all  they specialize in is their Kambeng soup. Yum . Fuck the government.




Ang kai Jin a.k.a MVP qing ren . Bball master

Damm pro in bball . Yet, temperaments can match up with skills sometimes. Lover of Manga art.


Ang V shawn a.k.a Ravi. Stealth master

King of stealth. India population control guy. Good at being tricky. See the following           

Its invisible cuz he ďraviedĒ it . Hao lian tie.


Chen Yu hao:a.k.a Pucao.King of Com

Gentle, mild, and loved by all. Fats are wobblelable. Good at computer. P.E can always zao because he is quite tricky


Chua Ming han a.k.a Prankstar. King of prank

On in everything. Including playing tricks . More tricks and even more tricks . Damm irritating. But also on in every other things as well.


Chong Wen Zheng:a.k.a Kiky. Monkey

Backside got worms . Thatís why cannot sit properly. Mouth got shit thatís why cannot talk gentlemanly must scream  hands got ringworms thatís why must tickle and di siao others always. 


******* Chang kuan Chong Alexender:a.k.a Fucker. Fucker need we say more?

Matha fucka . ( crowds applaud) thinks heís damm popular resume addition: fought with mark teng and loss(duh) ( crowd instant request that we see more of that shit) ya.. hope youíll make it to the papers with your antics one day. Good luck .


Chua Shi wei :a.k.a Mafia Zhong. Leader of Shi wei gang

Aggressive, fierce, he is mickey mouse, the Zhong of the Shi Wei gang which boosts an outstanding population of erm FIVE? People. Impressive. Currently happily married to his endearing husband from the same class Mark chew . Yes he is fucking gay.


Chew Mark :a.k.a Gay ass. Gay.

Cute adorable and immensely lovable, he is the endearing wife /husband watava to Zhong Chua. Is smart but sometimes uses balls for wrong reasons.( and heard other people uses his balls .. for watava reasons, itís still WRONG) 


Goh Zhu Wei.a.k.a Goldfinger. Master of hands

Costantly shunned by friends not because he is a (alex) but because his hands do wonders to your body. He keeps the class amuse with his behavior. Yet, he is fondly hated. When his hands land on your back, or your wherever the sun donít shine, you wish you were dead. Bloody dead. Bloody hell.


Keith Koh:a.k.a Cool dude. Queentown ex convict.

Reject from Queenstown remand, he  epitomes the modern day james bond version of coolness. However. Damm attitude ah. Chi bye.


Lee Whye Seng Anthony:a.k.a.Sk8er.Master of skates and finger skating

Expert at drawing sk8er stuff. Expert at sk8ing. Slacker. Another James Bond because he has all the modern gadgets: ps2 ps com bla bla. Wah kau. And claims to be "a good boy... shirt always tucked.. high pants.. neat and short grafitti on the table.. high many respect to teachers and principal......" what the !@$#$@ .


Lee Whye Fai Augustine:a.k.a Mista friendly. Mista nice guy

Damm nice to everyone. Is a very nice guy. Ncc mad.


Leong Keat Hoe Roy:a.k.a Pei bin( white face).Swimmer

Slacker in every aspect. Npcc pon tang kia went to play cs while camp swimmer slacker. But got a lot of strength. Rumoured to have a girlfriend by the name ofÖ I shant say for the fear of getting punched.



Lew Shuan marc:a.k.a Mista fucked up 2. Fucka

Swimmer, model, dancer, man u and clementi town soccer player and fucker. Outstanding in no aspects except ka peing people. Resume addition: kao pei randy to suck his own balls.


Ponpat Tativashinchai:a.k.a Thai guy1 . Sawahdidmycar

Prefect. Foreign expatriate. Quite a nice person. Genius


Phuwarat Norchoovech:a.k.a Thai guy2. Sawahdidmycar

Foreign expatriate. Quite a nice person.Genius


Viravong Visayong:a.k.aLaos guy 1.#$!$#!@#!

Foreign expatriate. Quiet guy. DAMM FUCKED UP CLEVER. But helps others all the time so itís ok .


Poon Cheuk Yu:a.k.aHonkee Tonkee.Hong Kong Punk

Gooda in socca, ok guy.


Whillock Ian Alfred:a.k.aEminem. Rapper

Rappa dud. King of rappiní. Bad boy co. Yo yo yo wassup. With your brains that is. Good friend though.


Spencil Neil.Drug lord.Zhong

Drug addict. Zhong. Useless though. Always kanna bully. But always stand up for people. Song.


Tan Chian Chung Jeremy:a.k.a Muscle man.HUGE DAMM BIG MUSCLES.

Muscle man. Always like to give people bear hug. Very very shiok ah.. Your whole body will kanna stun and become numb for like a day. Very nice guy.


Tan peng cheng.a.k.a lim pei!! Sleeping king. Sleeping sutra master.

King of sleeping in class. Can sleep in virtually any position. Even standing. Sleeping is damm shiok .


Tan Wei Hao.a.k.a Sailor.Dingy Master

Pro in sailing. Nice guy.


Tan Wei Sheng Ken:a.k.a Actstra.Extor.

Damm extra try to be coolio. Hair dye pa jiao . But is nice guy so aok



Ting Jia Wern Joseph a.k.a ZZzzZ king 2. Sleep maestro.

Can also compete with Tan peng cheng for the title of sleeping king. Slacker but tricky cuz he is damm smart.


Teo Tan Xiang Jeremy a.k.a Thigh king. Get it? Thigh king

Rugger with huge thighs with weird, extremely weird sense of humour.Always try to be funny.


Wong Ri dong a.k.a Softballs. Softie baler

Softball ball player. With softballs.


Wee Linfeng Jamie a.k.a Sky boy.Flyer to the sky

Weird sense of hairdo. Sense. Etc. But quiet and nice.


Desmond Yuen.a.k.a BBB. Bibiboy

Neat quiet krassrap. Very responsible. Keep up the good blow job.