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so... who am i again?

full name: amanda marie martinez
nicknames: cat, amanada, mandark, panda, [agent]orange
birthday: may 11th
astro sign: taurus
current location: harker heights, tx
birthplace: rantoull, il
ethnicity: puerto rican... well half, but i don't know what i'd call the rest of me... white, i guess. caucasian?
height: 5'5or6"
weight: i avoid the subject whenever possible.
eye color: green, real green, and it pisses me off big time when people think they're contacts, so don't make that mistake!!!
hair color: it's currently dyed burgundy, but no one close to me seems to really notice the difference between that and my normal color, which is like a poo-poo brown, except me.
religion: agnostic. HOORAY!
hobbies: staring at the ceiling, avoiding contact with the family members that live in my house, writing, teaching myself to play piano, doing nothing, sleeping... y'know... stuff that's not really considered a hobby but is used as an excuse by people like me who don't really have any hobbies.
pets: a ginuea pig [spike], a nameless turtle, a golden retriever [nikita], cat [libby], another cat [april], and a little brother, y'know typical pets.
cartoons [invader zim, spongebob squarepants, spaceghost, the brak show, dexter's lab, sealab 2021, serial experiments lain, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern life, old-sytle rugrats], pokey the penguin, comedy, stupid stuff, art, abstract art, south park, photograpy, music [punk, ska, alternative, emo, oldies, some 80s stuff, industrial, glam rock, techno, grunge], lots of bands, movies [the matrix, the rocky horror picture show, fight club, almost famous, cheech and chong's up in smoke, what's eating gilbert grape, tank girl, dancer in the dark, edward scissorhands, the nightmare before christmas, the shining], the beatles, saturday night live, jackass, johnny the homicidal maniac, the adventures of pete and pete, poetry, alice in wonderland.
stuff to do:
loitering, writing, singing, singing in the shower, cussing, being a slacker, making collages, fingerpainting, painting, playing the piano, playing the guitar, doing stupid stuff.
people and animals:
edgar allen poe, stephen king, richard bachman, marilyn manson, my stupid cat, my friends, tom green, andy dick, gwen stefani, geeks, punks, losers, goths, hippies, ravers, rejects, shirley manson, thom yorke, keanu reeves, helena bonham carter, johnny depp, brad pitt, edward norton, bam margera, daniel johns, penguins, cocks, cats, black cats, rats, hamsters, ferrets, raccoons, bunnies, rabbits, bunny rabbits, monkeys, dr. seuss, sean lennon, jimmy hendrix, kurt cobain, freddy mercury, cyndi lauper, pat benetar, chris farley, david spade, david duchoveny, gillian anderson, steve martin, martin short, alanis morissette, fiona apple, john lennon.
candy, skittles, jujubes, fruity chewy mentos, fruity pebbles, wine [alkeehol], ramen, subway, sushi, SoBe, cheese.
hemp jewelry, polka dots, gifts, plaid, roller coasters, rubber bracelets, studs, cloves, fire, lighters, matches, converse, retro things, shiny things, candles, socks, sock monkeys, stripes, colors, spikes, aliens, patches, hoodies, leopard print, paperclips, safety pins, office supplies, black, orange, pink, make-up, novelties, red, guitars, glasses, fishnet, chia pets.
playgrounds, thrift stores, wal-mart, goodwill, duck ponds.
other stuff:
sarcasm, satanism, nihilism, anarchy, the green party, vegetarianism, veganism, the '60's, the '80's, nature, tolerance, piercings.
dislikes: thinking about the things i am forced to think about in school, use of unnecessarily large words, large words for simple things, marching band, marching, little brothers, parents, middle school, marching band, my personality, people who waste their time trying categorize me ['are you a skater?', 'are you goth?', 'are you a punk?'. jeesus.], modern pop music, baseball, egos, having no life outside of school, really big muscly guys [ghastly], prejudism or discrimintation of any kind, people who can't tell the truth, people who can't be trusted, not being good at things that i want to do well, religion, extreme evangelists, christian punk, disney world, small children, capitalization, hypocrisy, pollution, government, people who claim to be punks but have no idea what punk is about, people who endorse things they don't understand.
aspirations: none.


personality survey quiz thing.: weird random stuff about me packed into a survey.
personality analysis: this really extensive personality test that was, basically, an assessment of who i am.
personality disorder test: just how sick i really am.
i took these quizzes at the spark. interesting.