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updates/bloggerish for september-december 2001:

feeling: abandoned.
also feeling: fat, ugly, worthless, stupid, obsessive, clingy, sick, lonely.
eating: nothing [thank god. though i should be punished for even being hungry.]
drinking: diet 7up [ew. tastes like grass.]
wearing: plaid pajama pants and a big baggy blue t-shirt, as i am too repulsively chubby to wear anything else.
listening to: guster - fa fa [when you look in the mirror/wish you were somebody else.../just a perfect reflection/of you and no one else...//]
downloading: fiona apple, jimmy eat world, anti-flag. [quite a slew.]
reading: bridget jones's diary [smashing, simply, smashing.]
should be doing: my humantiddies homework. [i did my spanish project, though. be proud of me.]
thinking of: kenny. le sigh.
thoughts: I decided to start a little bloggish-thing because i need to express myself. often. yeah. i have 2 seperate journals too, but it's never enough. don't worry, the blogs usually won't be this long. and right now i feel like shit. very much like shit. chubby shit. i feel lonely and abandoned. still have not gotten over that whole thing with kenny. thought i had, but now i realize that i haven't. and it sucks, needless to say. i feel like he abandoned me. am also wondering why my webpage isn't appearing when i try to visit the URL. i hope envy.nu doesn't turn out to be a whore too, like angelfire. that would suck. bridget jones's diary is awesome. if you haven't read that book, pick it up, dammit. this is my new bible. but those aren't really coherent thoughts, as am much too focused on abandonment. and feeling like i've been dropped on my head after being cradled for so long. 4 wasted months.and my only other thought is: 'fruity pebbles are damn good.'
sitework: tweaked with the color scheme a bit on all the pages.. arr i'm a big web dork. okay, and then i put the spiffy leopard print on all the other pages. skippy. chu.

fixed some bad stuff, changed the way you can view the pictures, all that good stuff. like the print? heehee. courtesy of kate. yippee. added a spiffy page with a list of bands, and some more links to spiffy journals and stuff.

transferred all my old pages. yippee. am debating whether to put that image up at all. bleh. i'm lazy. it is a lovely table though, and i know you agree.

woo. new server. yippee. angelfire is a whore. banners suck. but it will be okay now, my love. i'm still working on this layout, i know it needs a lot of work. and it needs a picture of daniel johns in a jar. that is what it needs. but right now i'm too lazy. so, have fun with what i've got. chu.