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European Travels- Travel WebQuest


Have you ever wanted to visit somewhere new and exciting; like a town destroyed by a volcano, or a city that was famous for an oracle who could tell you your future. Well, your quest will lead you through some exciting historical sites like these in five European countries. Europe is full of fun and exciting places to visit. Here you will chose from historical sites in England, France, Germany, Italy and Greece.

The academic standard for this lesson is 1.2.10B which states "Assess the accuracy of facts presented in different types of informational texts by using a variety of consumer, workplace, and public documents."

Get ready to embark on a journey to historical sites through out Europe...


You and four of your friends are going to take a trip to Europe this summer. Before you go you will need to do your homework. Each of you must pick one historical landmark, each in a different country, to study and become an expert on before you leave for your trip. When you get to your destination you must be knowledgeable enough about your landmark to give a tour to your friends and be able to answer their questions.
You should split up the following destinations between you and your friends so that you can further explore your location:

1. London, England- The Tower of London

2. Paris, France- The Louvre

3. Schwangau, Germany- Neuschwanstein Castle

4. Pompei, Italy- The Ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii

5. Delphi, Greece- Temple of Apollo and the oracle of Delphi

You will be responsible for knowing this information on your location:

1. Where is your location found with in its country?

2. What has it been used for through out its history?

3. Approximately how many people visit this site each year?

4. Why is your location so important to its country?

5. Also find five or more interesting facts about your location, for example; When was it destroyed?, What is the most famous thing about your location?, What was life like when your location was originally built?... feel free to look up as much information as you choose.


In order to complete the task above here some websites for each location:

The Tower of London
Tower of London
Visit London Website

The Louvre
The Louvre
Discover France

Neuschwanstein Castle
Destination 360

Archaeological Site
The Discovery Channel

Greek Landscapes
*You may also use information from websites you find on your own just please cite all resources.

All groups will present their findings to the class as if you were visiting the site. You must provide a PowerPoint presentation with visualizations of all sites, either pictures or video may be used.


ComprehensionGroup is able to accurately answer all questions posed by classmates about their topics.Group is able to accurately answer almost all questions posed by classmates about their topics.Group is able to accurately answer a few questions posed by classmates about their topics.Group is unable to accurately answer questions posed by classmates about their topics.
Speaks ClearlyGroup speaks clearly and distinctly all the time.Group speaks clearly and distinctly most the time.Some group members speak clearly and distinctly others are hard to understand.Group members often mumble or can not be understood.
Stays on TopicStays on topic all (100%) of the time.Stays on topic most (99-90%) of the time.Stays on topic some (89%-75%) of the time.It was hard to tell what the topic was.
ContentAll group members show a full understanding of their topics.All group members show a good understanding of their topics.Some group members show an understanding of parts of their topics.Group does not seem to understand the topic very well.
PreparednessGroup is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed.Group is well prepared but might have needed to rehearse a little more.Group is not well prepared, and could have rehearsed more.Group does not seem at all prepared to present.

*Grades will be given as a group and based on a 100 point scale.


I hope you enjoyed this WebQuest and found all the locations interesting and fun to discover. Take a moment to think about all the things you learned though both your own research and that of your classmates. This is only a small picture of Europe. There are many other discoveries to make out in the world. If you enjoyed Pompeii check out Herculeanuem... Did you like learning about Delphi? Check out the ruins at Knossoss on Crete. There are so many things to learn and they are only a few clicks away.

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