Pages of Anime itself

The Beauty and Art of Anime

The world of anime is far more beautiful than what a human mind can judge. Aside of all the american animations and comics, anime is a cultural art of its own from Japan. Bishonens and Bishojos, tough guys, hot headed girls and everything in this world that we have farfetched imagination of.

Popular Animes

Anime that have gained their fame alone both in Japan and in the U.S. What makes them so and what they are mostly about.

True Animes

Aside what kids and young teens have been exposed to about animes, there is reality of them too. Anime isn't just kiddie and boring for those of you bashers and haters, its got adult content as well. Real anime has swearing, some blood, and tidbits of hentai (japanese for 'cartoon porn'). We have been exposed to our own adult cartoons like Beavus and Butthead or South Park but no anime has shown it's true colors to kids. Truth is that some anime comes to America and gets butchered. Here's what really is anime.

My Favorite Animes

Here is what I like out of this genre