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Hello, everyone and welcome to the newly revamped Tree of Life Society, Inc. Animé Website! If you've noticed, we've changed URLs from to This is harvestmoon_63, the head designer of the site. Along the way, there will be Tree of Life guides(like me) to give a brief overview about that section.We have lots in store for you otakus out there, so just click on your fave animé on the left and leave the rest to us! Enjoy! ^_^


Welocome to the Tree of Life Society, Inc. Anime Website! Sorry for the inconvenience, since all the links aren't quite working yet... and also for the ads, well I cant help it, it's the best we could get for free...

First thing's first, we're the Tree of Life Society, Inc.(TOL for short), and we're here to bring you the lowdown on the best animés of our day. To know more about the Tree of Life Society, click here.

Next, all credit belongs where it is due.(Click here for the credits page.)If you own one of the things on this site and want us to take it off, drop us a comment at the guestbook or the above link. Also, the Tree of Life Society, Inc.(hereafter named the TOL) does not own any of the animés featured on this site nor claims ownership of such. Thank you.

Finally, thank you for visiting, and don't forget to drop a line at our guestbook!!!

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