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What is Card Captor Sakura? Who is Syaoran Li? What are Clow Cards? The answers to these questions and more await you in our Cardcaptor Sakura Section!

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Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura started as a manga published by CLAMP. Soon, this manga became a hit, and like other hit mangas, it was soon converted into an animé.

The central plot revolves around the magical life of Sakura Kinomoto, and her quest to capture and convert the Clow Cards into her own Sakura Cards.

It all started one fine day when Sakura was left home alone. She then feels drawn to her father's library for some strange reason. She enters, and she finds a faintly glowing book. Apalled by this strange, intricately designed book, she opens the seal. She then discovers that this is not an ordinary book. It is one of those trick books that had a hole in it, and this book contained cards. Still interested, she takes the to card and reads the inscription on it.

"Windy?" she mutters. Suddenly, a great gale of wind comes up and sends all the other cards flying out of the book and into the outside world. Then suddenly, a creatur came out of the book.

"Konnyanachiwa!!"("konnyanachiwa" sound byte here)it says, in an Osaka accent. It revealed itself to be Keroberos, the guardian beast of the cards. He then explains to Sakura that she needs to capture all the cards before they turn evil and destroy the world. Thus, their quest begins.

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