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As you can see from the title above, this is the About Us page. Under this section, you would find lots of(vague) information about the Tree of Life Society Inc,. If you find us a bit weird, just put it aside 'til next time ^_~.
Who Are We?

We are the Tree of Life Society Inc., and this is how we started: We came to be in the late 2004 at a certain school in Manila, Philippines. (Told you it was vague.) We started out as two, then three, and as time passed, more people came by to join us for lunch. Well, we totaled 11 back then, but this year, one joined a military training course, one got a lovelife, and some just didn't come by regularly anymore. Now, were down to me, starlight_19, tenar_padmire, dagohoy, the_aura(a.k.a. boshi), and beté-noire. The last two are a bit ehhhhh, so, we decided to not let them on our site team. Sorry.

We now have a LiveJournal community, where we (almost) regularly update for what the TOL does. I hope it seems useful for you!