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Last Edited: 10/04




No, Seriously

[nope, no spoons at all]

OK, here is the deal. I have given up on the comic idea
 because of issues with paper, pens, coloring, resizing,
 placement, etc. . . so I have come up with a new and better
plan... Flash cartoons! yep, I think I'll do these things in
the medium of Flash animation so that I can not only
have my 'toons exactly the right size, but moving the
 right way.
     Do you have any IDEA how hard it is to show someone
inhaling deeply in a comic? No, you do not. In fact, even if you
did, I am sure that there is someone who has used a time
machine to goo back in time to prevent you from doing so,
just so I will be all alone in doing this.
      Alright, and also perhaps along with the flash animations,
I can get a REAL site, like something dot com or the like..
sounds good. Then the site will actually be able to be linked
 to or something. wow, and once it is linked to, maybe
I won't have to write all these 'updates' in vain, acting like
 I am talking to anyone besides myself! Huttah! I think You
can expect the first one to come out around December
because I need to set up my computer and stuff first.
OK, so here are some things for thou:
{Updates Page}
From now on, I wont be updating the main page here until the flash-i-ful goodness arrives. Actually, I most likely won't be updating anything else either. Just fixing up broken stuff. Come here to see what's goin on and how the flash is coming.
Here I have some of the characters on my photobucket gallery along with a brief description. I'm just that lazy. Enjoy.
{Java Page}
Here is the page where I'll put up all of the Javascript doodads.
I have been promising this for so long, and it is finally here! enjoy these classic arcade games and some others which disturb and confuse me.


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