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Tempest Event Pages

  1. Picture B will have a set number of differences to picture A.

  2. Study both pictures carefully. The differences could be plainly obvious or very subtle, look for color changes, missing items, extra items, moved items, items facing a different way or any other changes you can spot. PIC 1 WILL BE POSTED FOR 1 WEEK BEFORE PIC 2. PIC TWO WILL BE POSTED ON September 5th.

  3. Once you think you have found all the differences email them to Nalea by circling copying the picture and circling the differences. Subject line should be spot the difference, please put your name at the top.

    There Are a total of 20, I repeat 20 different changes. But send in as many as you find. You never know what might be the right answer. :)

  4. Since many of us are not on all at the same time though, you will all have ONE week to get the answers in. However, the first 5 people to get in ALL the correct answers will win prizes. I will not be giving any clues, however I will send back a reply letting you know if you have got all the answers or not. I WILL NOT let you know if you won or placed.

  5. Winners will be published on the Tempest board, and possibly on the Website.

  6. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrants we feel have not followed the rules in any way. Any entrants that are using or supplying passed on answers will be disqualified. All descisions are final.

  7. Prizes:
    1st Place One Pair of Hybs and 500k in coins,
    2nd Place 1 Mil in coins,
    3rd place 500k in coins,
    4th place 250k in coins.