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Welcome to Taseh's description site..the add-on to his yahoo profile..

Name - Taseh

Age - 26

Sex - Undefined

Breed - Leopard anthro

Weight - 185LBs

Height - 5' 11"

Place of Birth - Onboard the starship UCC-4569 "Pride 1"

Education(s) - Completed High school and possesses 3 degrees in computer systems repair and design. 2 degrees in telecommunications, 1 degree in catnip chemistry.

Interests and Hobbies - Enjoys anything fun and out going, enjoys messing around in the internet and flying his various aircrafts. he also enjoys intiment and romantic encounters with anthro males.. He does not limit himself to just anthros though..."You cannot help who your heart falls in love with"

Skills - Electronics technician, communications technician, aircraft pilot, chemist, knowledge of every weapon known to man and anthro since 200BC.. Gourmet chief.

Favorite things - Movies and music..upbeat music is a plus (no sappy stuff please)

Favorite sexual position - Anyway works for him...there all good

Taseh's life - Taseh was born on board his farther ship 26 years ago earth time..He grew up a single child and learned many trades along the ways..His lack of female counterparts during his teenage years lead him to be who he is now...he has very little intrest in females but hold a great one for males...He has been involved in 10 relationships throughout his life, nine of those were with males and one with a female.. Unlike most males he has undergone a presedure which he had implants attached to certain areas to allow less pain and lubrication during sex. this was his choice to have done and taseh preforms remarkably well with them...other additions were also implied as well to other areas..such as his tracking implants removed and a cycle implant put in it's place..this one makes his get "wet" and produce a scent exactally like a female anthro..(when he was younger (about 4 years old) he under went surgery to have the mandatory tracking implants inserted into his brain...) The purpose of this was because he wanted to more like a female than a male..he just hasn't gotten the courage up to "go all the way" with a transformation yet...

He does not limit himself to anthros...he likes all breeds and he is very sensitive and kind hearted...He has feeling and they can be hurt very easily due to his additions and mood changing implants...despite his looks he has a very feminine voice also...this is relitivally a new thing he had done...he had his vocal chords tightened and far he loves what he hears *smiles*

Taseh is currenty mateless and is searching for the special someone..who witth hold him and wipe his tears and so on...

Lifes goals - The meet someone who will give him a family (as far fetched as it sounds he will one day have the ability to do this.(heh roleplay is sooo cool lol)) and love him for who he is..Oh yeaah he also wants to win the lottery YAY!!!