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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!^_^ Welcome to Tanoshii No Da! This site is dedicated to fanfiction and fanart scribbles of videogames (currently focusing on suikoden II, III, and IV), manga, and anime (like saint seiya!!! ^_^)! This site does have mature content and yaoi. If any of this offends you, then please leave ~_~.
Last Update: 01/01/2006--Refer to Jeff's Update Section for Details
Please enjoy!!!!! ^_^

This site basically contains everything from gaming and anime fiction and other random stuff, and is run by Yami and Kiwi, two silly webmistresses and writers who enjoy a good helping of bishie goodness!

If anyone would like to submit a fic please email it to me to review via the email address on the bottom of the screen! Also, you can send me reviews and I can put them up next to the stories ^_^ If anyone wants to link to my site for some strange reason, please do so and also give me your site address so I can link you. . .Sadly I don't have any banners -_-;

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