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My Gaian Pets

Diyelle is my first Drago and she has a hot temper sometimes and she tries to act more mature than she really is. When it comes down to it though, she's really a sweetie. Diyelle is looking for a boyfriend.

Aiko is my baby. She is a prankster and enjoys torturing her sister Diyelle. She is a very silly Drago.

Ayana is my beautiful star pony. She is very sweet and wants to know about everything. She enjoys sharing time with her new guardian.

Not much is known about Anika since she is still in her tear drop.

Not much is known about Anry either.

Lorand is a bright, warm and caring Tomyu. He loves to use his earth talents to help the world around him. He is my first Tomyu.
Isn't he groovy? He just became an adult today! (9/20/04)

Jovvi is very good at reading people. She is sweet, energetic and very loving. She is very dear to me and is my youngest Tomyu.

Raina...hmmm, well she likes to pick on people and is considered quite mean at times because she goes too far. She really is a very kind girl, just misunderstood.

Rion is my sweet innocent little Pika. He has a lot of growing up to do but he is so adorable!
Willy is well...silly! He blushes alot when he gets frustrated or nervous. He is very sweet and very kind. He's also looking for a girlfriend. :)

Tamrissa, she just grew up today. (9/24/04) She's a gorgeous little girl. She is a sweet little girl but sometimes her temper gets the better of her. XD