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Ragemoon's Storm Realm Portals
Sentai Realm

You encounter a young man dressed in a familiar red outfit- yet he doesn't look like any of the Rangers you know. He hands you a translator device before bowing to you.

"Good afternoon," he tells you in English through the translator, "My name is Date Kenta, and this realm is devoted to the series which Power Rangers is based from- Sentai, a word which means TaskForce in your home language. Sentai has been in Japan since 1974, with the first episode of Himitsu Sentai GoRenjaa (Secret TaskForce FiveRanger). As you can see, I'm dressed as the Red Ranger from Power Rangers In Space, but I'm from its Japanese Counterpart, Denji Sentai MegaRenjaa (ElectroMagnetic TaskForce MegaRanger)."

As he takes you to a room just off of the main hallway, you see a bunch of lighted pads on the floor. "For the moment," he tells you, "this serves as our teleportation area, where we'll teleport you to where you desire in the Sentai Realm. Whether it's to the future of the Special Police DekaRanger and the Future TaskForce TimeRanger, to when evil first reared it's ugly head... and the Secret TaskForce FiveRanger was first assembled- this area will take you to that place in time and let you experience it for yourself."

Power Rangers and Sentai Fanfiction Archive: Inside here, you will find stories from all Power Ranger & Sentai series, all ratings and all pairings. Enjoy your stay.
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