A Pita-Ten fanfiction


Misha was has now became a full-fledge angel and is now away from earth. She has been spending time with her older sister, Sasha. Since Misha is now a full-fledge angel, she has been doing some work like trying to make someone happy (as well as she did with Kotarou) if he or she was sad. Misha was now looking outside a widow, looking down at earth.. Wondering what Korarou, Koboshi, Takashi (or Ten-Chan), and other people she met and became friends with. But most of all, she thought of Shia, her room mate before on earth, because she just left without saying good-bye. But she didn’t think of Shia as much as Kotarou because he was the first person she had made friends with down at earth. She always thought about him now and then, remembering his cute-boyish face.

‘Oh shoot… Did I just say that again?’ Misha said , starting to blush.

“Heh.. Did I just hear someone said ‘Cute boyish face’?” Asked Sasha, Misha’s sister.

“Umm.. uh…” Misha said feeling all embarrassed.

“Oh sister of mine who is younger than me, you shouldn’t be thinking of Kotarou now!!! You have a job to do and that’s to be one of the best angels ever!!” Sasha said putting her hands on her hips.

“I know Sasha-chan, but I can’t help it!! I just miss earth and all the people I’ve met there…” Misha said in a calm, sad voice.

“Misha, baby, you are to be one of the best angels around!!! You’ve completed some of the hardest task for an angel!! You even beat me when it comes to hard task!!! So now I wonder why you would be worrying about this human boy?!” Sasha yelled to her sister.

‘Ooooh, I KNEW I should of stayed down at earth instead of becoming an angel!!!’ Misha said in her mind.

“Sasha-chan…” Misha said softly. She didn’t speak after a few seconds. “Umm… Never mind..” She said looking sad.

“ I don’t wanna argue with you to so you better get some rest now.” Sasha said walking out of the room Misha was in.


Kotarou was now in his last day of being a middle schooler. Ten-chan and Koboshi also had their last day of being a middle schooler ,too, because ,well, they were all in the same Middle School.

One time, Koboshi told Kotarou that she liked him. He didn’t respond to that when she told him that. He was sort of shocked that day because since Shia left, Kotarou started to fall for Misha because she was almost like a mother to him (like how Shia was to him before that). Well, Misha did say that she loved him but he didn’t respond to that either. So Koboshi was sort of disappointed when he didn’t respond to her that day.

Takashi was now with Kaoru, since Shia never came back, he was now Kaoru’s boyfriend. He and Kaoru were happy together as boyfriend and girlfriend, but Kaoru’s brother, Hiroshi(a.k.a. Poops (he calls him that) and Dai-chan) didn’t really like him, but since his sister was happy with Takashi, he was happy too.

So, these 4 were all in Middle School (very close to their Elementary school ). They were all together in one class (which was art).

They were all in Art one day when Koboshi was asking Kotarou about Misha.

“So, you never heard from Misha since 3 years ago?” Koboshi asked

“Never heard from her again. But it was weird that she was telling the truth when she said that she was an angel.” Kotarou said

“Heh. You know what’s funny? I sorta miss hearing her voice and her always saying something with ‘suuu’ at the end of it.” Koboshi said smiling

“You guys talking about Misha?” Takashi asked

“Yeah, why?” Kotarou asked

“Doesn’t she have a sister? What’s her name again?”

“Sasha?” Kotarou asked

“Yeah, Sasha… She was the one who kept stalking me.. It was creepy!” Takashi said

“It’s because she liked ya , Ten-chan!!! Like how You liked SHIA!!” Koboshi teased

“….” Takashi didn’t respond to that last one. He missed Shia, like how everyone missed Misha. They all had someone to think about and that one person was Misha. But for him, it was Shia. Yes, he loved Kaoru but not as much as he did with Shia. Something in the pit of his heart, somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that she was still alive, maybe looking for him.


Do you like it?! Just trying to make a Pita-Ten fanfiction here. Well, see you in my next chapter.

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