Misha tip toed, or what to her was a tip toe, into the small school library. Her round blue eyes searched throughout the rows of books, continually calling the demon's name. Her searching was only halted once by an agitated librarian telling her to keep her voice down.

"Shia su!"

Misha whispered as she popped up behind the brown haired girl. Shia jumped and dropped the book she had been holding. The girls bumped heads as they both bent down to pick it up. Shia gently touched Misha's head in concern.

"Sorry, didn't mean to bump you, Misha-san."

"Sowwy, it was my fault suu... What are you reading su?"

The pink haired angel reached for the small object but Shia shoved it back onto a shelf. Misha cocked her pretty head.

"What's the matter?"

Shia's cheeks were pink, but not from being startled. Shaking her head in dismissal, she changed the subject.

"Nothing, don't worry yourself. H-how's Kotarou?"

Shia had successfully distracted the chattery angel from the book, to Misha's favoured subject. Shia nodded amiably at her companion's love-struck chatter. She was used to the sweet angel going on like this. Normally, she might have actually participated in the conversation, but her mind was ticking. And ticking, and ticking.


In a small park, Klaus was pacing. He could barely contain himself right now, he was very much like a cat walking around and around it's water dish. His light eyes were focused, yet he seemed worlds away. He leaned one clenched fist on a large tree. His left foot crossed over his right, he waited, every muscle so tense.


He turned his head, catching a glimpse of the sweetly smiling Shia. Her hands were clasped, and her head was just slightly cocked. Klaus turned away, not wanting her smile to put him out of his brooding mood. He beckoned to her.

"Come on. I want to talk to you."

Shia's eyes held a touch of perplexed curiosity, but she quickly fell in step with her mentor. Klaus' pale hair blew across his face in the breeze.

"You know how little time you have, Shia. You really should try to dra-"

"No, I don't want to, I can't."

Shia lowered her head, brown tresses falling forward over her face. Her voice shook, not from tears, but from surprise at her own confidence.

"Yes you can, Shia. You know that!"

Klaus stared, shock, maybe even anger in his pale eyes. But, when he realized all the times, he had stood up, baring her from things... Maybe this wasn't something he should be angry at?

"I-I can't do that to them. They're my friends. Who could kill their friends? Who could?"

She was clutching her small hands to her chest, tears touching her eyes. Klaus growled, a cat's small warning.

"A demon could, a real one. One that doesn't want to die for silly mortals!"

He had yelled that, with his head down to the sidewalk, and when he looked at the girl beside him, he wished that hadn't come from his mouth. The brunette demon stood beside him, on a rise overlooking the shining waters. Her hair was sun drenched, making it turn golden mingled with browns and blacks. She looked down, her eyes glistening with tears.

"But, if I die, won't I die without hurting them? I'll die happy, with that. I won't have hurt anyone."

Klaus looked up at her, mouth tugged into a sad line. The demon would never understand her. Innocence so untouched, so new and bright. Like everyday was her first. Shia, with all her silent innocence, was a demon, a trap. One he had fallen into. He reached forward and took her hand.

"You're wrong. If you die you'll have hurt someone."

The young girl looked at him searchingly, stepping forward to touch his hand with her free one. He looked at her, a tear in his own eyes.

"You'll have hurt me Shia,"

He said at last.

"You'll have hurt me."

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