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--- Within The Shadows ---

--- Chapter Four ---

The teacher was rambling something at the front of the classroom, but Kotarou was paying about as much attention to it as was the chance of him falling pregnant. A rather useless and pointless comparison, to say the least, but it was true that he was paying no attention at all, and that he had a good reason for it. Wait… did that even make any sense in the end?

He glanced over to where his cousin sat. The other boy seemed to be trapped in his own world too, fiddling with his pen all the while, eyes unfocused as he stared at the blackboard blankly. The fact that the teacher had yet to notice this was slightly hilarious, but then again… whatever, he had no idea on what he was going on about now.

Besides, he had other things to think about; much more important than schoolwork (and that was saying a lot, as he actually tried very hard in school to get good grades, etc. etc.) and it couldn’t wait, even if he’d wanted it too. The falling in and out of the world’s chaotic measures seemed to have something to do with it, as well as the balance that seemed to be non-existent; or, at least, withering away into a pathetic nothing, which was so sad, when one thought about it.

Katarou stifled a yawn behind his hand, noticing for the first time that he had not written any notes at all since class started. This was not going to be very good for his studies for the exams, that was for sure and he didn’t want to bomb those. Meh… he could always borrow them off Takashi; his friend would allow it.

Anyway, back to what he was supposed to be thinking about; the worrisome thing that he had to find soon otherwise they were all going to die or something. At least, that was the feeling he got from it. And just knowing that the cause of his mother’s death was because of him was too much for him to bear.

And there was… he glanced back at his cousin, who was still zoning out, he was also in the exact same situation and they had nowhere to go anymore. They couldn’t run, even if they wanted to. Whoever that was after them would end up drawing them out by using the people they cared for as bait…

He snapped his mind shut at this; it wasn’t going to happen. There was no way he was going to allow them to get hurt, as long as it was in his power. And as for his power exactly…

Pushing it out of his mind for the time being, Kotarou sighed at the thought of how much work he would have to get through, especially due to the fact that he had not heard a single thing the teacher had said that they did have homework…

Not to mention his cousin wouldn’t know either. Well, he’d just have to ask the blonde then…


“Misha, are you ready to descend?” asked Sasha, frowning at the thought of having her younger sister in the mortal realm so soon. It wasn’t a good idea, and she had brought her complaints to her parents, but neither one of them listened; claiming that it would be good for Misha to do some external training for her exams.

The following argument was not the prettiest their blonde daughter had had.

She’s not even a fully qualified angel and you’re letting them do this to her?.!” she shrieked one night, “Can’t you see the dangers that will follow all this! Don’t you know that this could kill her?”

Her mother held up a hand, scowling lightly, “Sasha, you have to understand that Misha is not happy here, and she may never be. Think, girl, why is it that even now she is still in-training? Is it merely because she is incompetent and can’t make mortals happy? Is that what you think?”

Sasha shook her head hard; “What difference does it make? The fact remains that Misha is going to descend into a world she has never set foot on and it’s bound to lead her into more trouble than any one of us could stand for! As one in-training, she knows almost next to nothing about it!”

Her father coughed at this, shaking his head at her disapprovingly, “You heard your mother; Misha isn’t happy here and nothing about that will change it. Even if she was to become qualified, her feelings would never change.”

What? Are you passing her down as a mortal then?”

We never said that, Sasha.”

But that’s the plan, isn’t it? You just want to get rid of Misha because she can never be an angel!”

Sasha! How could you say that?”

How could you even think that!”

The PTB specifically said that Misha was to go to the Surface world and we cannot disobey orders. And Sasha, you can’t follow her, no matter what. You have more important tasks to deal with here.”

The argument came to a close at this and Sasha locked herself in her room, muttering under her breath. Misha was going down there… and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it…

“Yeah, I’m ready Sa-chan,” the pink-haired girl chirped, forcing the blonde out of her reminiscing. Needless to say, Misha was excited, as going down to the Surface world was a pretty large privilege, despite the fact it was now a constant battlefield. If she did what she had to correctly, just maybe the tables would turn in their favor and the wars would finally end. Only then could they finally move on.

The blonde sniffed, “Well, be careful. And keep in contact otherwise mum and dad will freak or something, you know?”

A smile; completely oblivious to the dangers below, “Okay! Bye byeeeeee!”

Misha jumped, her wings spreading out before her and her sister watched as she descended down, through the clouds, in the world that was only suitable for mortals. There were so many dangers there. So many things that the angel-in-training didn’t know.

The PTB were practically begging for her to fail, so that they wouldn’t have to deal with her.

Sasha flicked back a stray bang, “Not on my watch, she isn’t.” She muttered to herself, before turning around to inform the authorities that her sister had already left.


Shia was, nevertheless, amused with her mentor’s expression of disgust as they entered the Surface World without failure. It was a busy place, somewhere that no one would pay any heed to them, and something about it was just so… exciting. Lively, balancing and overwhelming the good and the bad. It was all just… interesting to witness, to feel.

She took a step forward, looking around her, “It’s bright, isn’t it?” she asked curiously as she blocked the sun from her eyes with a hand. “Mortals seem to be quite… ready to accept their way of life.”

“They’re merely ignorant, Shia, and don’t even think about interacting with them unless it’s necessary,” Klaus muttered, standing behind her. He seemed reluctant about stepping out into the open; although maybe it had something to do with his pride.

Inclining her head curiously at this, the demon shrugged it off and continued to look around her, fascinated. The few visits she had already made here without anyone’s notice had been brief, so now was as good as any other time to finally get a closer look at what it was that made this place feel so alive. Maybe it had something to do with not being completely pure, nor tainted, and that mortals had a chance of either side in the end. Hm…

Yet, that was not the only thing on their minds. The two demons could hear the destruction of the war that had been going on needlessly, and the pointlessness of it all. At least, that was what Shia was thinking; Klaus, on the other hand, probably couldn’t care less about the destruction before all of them.

“Come on, then, we better move out,” he muttered, although it was only just loud enough for her to hear, as the loud noise of cars, people and the war seemed to overcome all other barriers. He unconsciously yanked at the sleeve he was wearing, scowling slightly.

As it was, they had been forced to wear something akin to ‘modern-day’ mortal fashion (or whatever it was) and the blonde haired demon wasn’t exactly happy with it at all. Shia, of course, couldn’t have cared less.

“What am I supposed to be learning about here, anyway?” she asked, as they passed a couple of people who didn’t spare them more than a glance before moving on.

She was surprised when her mentor answered her; “Believe me; I’m wondering that as well.”


It was lunch when Kotaroh suddenly jerked his head up at the sky, looking bewildered. Needless to say, Koboshi and Takashi were at a loss.

“Uhm… are you alright?” the blonde girl asked, casting a worried glance at her friends.

“Wha? Oh, yes, of course.” Came the vague response, “Actually, I need to go to the restroom, if you’ll excuse me.”

He left quickly, not turning back, and the two blondes just blinked and stared at his retreating figure. It was Takashi who eventually broke the silence between them.

“First Kotarou leaves, and now his cousin? What do you think’s going on now?”

“I don’t know…”

It wasn’t hard to find Kotarou, as the other purple-haired boy was standing around, also staring at the sky curiously. His cousin walked over to him; “What do you think happened this time?”

A shrug, “More descents, obviously. I guess that means that it isn’t going as well as they expected beforehand.”

“…” Kotaroh sighed.

“? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I’m just… hoping that maybe it’ll all just end. Like they’ll work out that there’s no gain in all this and, well… yeah.” The two boys turned in the general direction where the battle reigned; in which no normal mortal could see or identify. But they weren’t normal.

Neither one of them were.

And that was why they were in so much danger.

“No chance in that happening,” snorted Kotarou bitterly, “Oh well, always forward and never back, right?”

“I suppose…”


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