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And so we’re at the hospital… waiting… to see what will happen next…


Chapter Five: Hospital Wait

It hadn’t taken long for Takashi, Koboshi and Shino to find the hospital in which Kotarou was being kept in. The conversation that the blonde-haired girl had had with his father had been brief and terror-stricken; worsened by the fact that he was unable to get out of work, despite the tragedy of it all. Why this was so, it was merely insane for the only adult family member left in Kotarou’s life to be unable to get out of his job to keep an eye on his son.

As it was, Takashi’s uncle had agreed to take them there, but the files that concerned Kotarou were left sitting on the desk, waiting for one of his family to come in to check on him. A futile wait; seeing as his father was the only one left and he was stuck, and his grandmother was too far away to come at such a time at night, so there was nothing the rest could do.

A kindly-looking nurse with short, brown hair led the distraught children into what was obviously the waiting room, where a number of people – all of them adults, although one or two of them had small children in tow – were sitting around in silence. The hard, plastic chairs and sofas available, as well as the lack of any sort of colours on the walls didn’t help what the two already felt and they sank on the seats in dreaded silence.

There was nothing they could do. Kotarou was probably somewhere between life and death; otherwise the nurse might have said something about his condition. At the most, she had told them where it had happened and at what time, when the ambulance had arrived and the fact that he had lost a lot of blood…

Critical condition.

That was what it was, wasn’t it? All in one day and his life was at stake. Somewhere not here or there, and they couldn’t do a thing; his friends were useless here.

Koboshi couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her face at the prospect of losing Kotarou; true, he had never thought of her as more as a friend, but that didn’t matter. The fact that they HAD been friends was the most important fact to her, and to just have him disappear off the face of the earth like that was too much for her to bear. She hated these sorts of things; where people got hurt when it could have been avoided. Why had it had to happen to him, of all people?

People close to him got hurt so badly, like any other family. And just that was enough to worry her beyond belief.

No one had said a word when they were being driven to the large, white building which was the hospital. Not a single word was spoken when the nurse had hurried in and instantly asked if they were family of any sort. In truth, she would have turned them away for not being his family, but upon being told that the boy had only one family member who was unable to make it for so many reasons, she took them to the waiting room to do just that; wait.

Takshi’s uncle didn’t stay around; he had a store, after all. And even if there were few customers around at the time, it was common courtesy to be open for those who wanted to be in there.

And yet nothing had been said between the two friends.

Too worried about Kotarou’s condition, what could be said about it? Neither one could try and console the other; to attempt to give comfort. It was just too much. If anything, they were in shock, and who could blame them? It had just happened, on such a normal, school night. No one had expected such a situation to rear its ugly head at them, but it had, and now they were here, waiting, and unable to do a thing about it.

Saying nothing was better then attempting to make conversation, Takashi mused bitterly, in all truth, it was an unbearable case that was better off left alone; and by the looks of Koboshi’s face, she was in no condition to talk anyway.

Although the two boys had always been a bit on the rivalry side of friendship, they understood each other quite a bit and it was that sort of trust and warmth between friends that made the situation now to hard to handle.

He was a bit of a moron at time, Kotarou was, but it didn’t make him that much more fun to hang around with. But for such a thing to happen hurt the blonde as much as it hurt the crying girl next to him, and if he’d honestly allowed it to happen; he would have broken down long ago.

But no, he had to be strong for Koboshi, at least. Maybe he couldn’t say anything to reassure her, but at least they were here for him. Praying for him to be okay, true, and the fact that he may no make it, but it was better than just knowing and being unable to hear his progress.

And the small girl next to him… the cousin of his friend who was now…

Turning to face the small girl, she looked back up with large, innocent yet confused eyes and fumbled with the small backpack that she always carried. The one with small bat’s wings, like the ones on Shia’s hat.

Shino didn’t understand what was going on. Taken into Kotarou’s family and care, she was like a younger sister than a cousin, and despite it all, everyone had grown attached to her. And the childish innocence that was still there, even now, was something that no one could break. She didn’t need to know that her older ‘brother’ may die… it was bad enough that she’d lost her parents, like Kotarou himself, but to lose more members of her already depleting family…

The silence was so heavy. And still, no one said a word.

All they could do now was wait.


People came and went in the waiting room, pale, limp-looking patients were wheeled in and out of the room, with thankful parents trailing after them after a successful operation and the like.

Yet there was no mention of Kotarou Higuchi.

Did that mean that he had not made it? No, because they would have had to walk in to tell those waiting, right?

Takashi had waited fretfully, true, when it had happened to his own father, but he was going to be okay now, wasn’t he? It was Kotarou, his best friend, that was now in mortal peril. He might not make it, he might have been gone hours ago and they just didn’t want to break the news.

Taking a good look at Koboshi next to him, he had known that she had stopped crying for a while now, yet had made no attempt to actually face her. It was obvious that she had been crying, red patches on her cheeks and the like, but she also seemed resolute to not cry anymore; if there were any tears left, anyway.

He was the one who was supposed to make her feel better, right? He was supposed to be the one to crack a joke and be carefree, despite all his problems. But he couldn’t do that now; it was a stupid and heartless thing to do and even he knew that.

So he said nothing.

There was no attempt to make conversation, as more people filed in and out of the dim, plastic waiting room on hour intervals. Neither one wanted to state the single and most feared truth.

Kotarou was fighting for his life.

Or he was already dead.

No, it was a stupid thing to dread the worse of it when it was yet to happen; or not happen. Hopefully the latter of the two.

Shino seemed to understand the silence as one that would not appreciate noise of any sort and just sat there, leaning against Takashi as she stared at the wall. Something was wrong, quite obviously, and she didn’t know what might happen next. Adults and the older children never said anything, but sometimes they would see them crying about one thing or another.

Grieving for a loss that would never be replaced.

It was a horrible feeling, one that was very foreign for the small child, and she said nothing. At the most, she was scared – who wouldn’t be? – because Koboshi had run out of the café crying so much. Had it been something she’d done? Something that she shouldn’t have?

That was a doubting question; and going to the large building with people wearing white had left that question in the dust. She didn’t recognize the place at all, yet the white beds with people lying on them only confirmed the strange sensation of fear, and, although she didn’t know it, foreboding.

But she was a child, right? Not even that old to be able to understand anything. She couldn’t say anything that would make the older two smile, and, even as a child, she would have said that they would never smile again.

So sad… so depressed…

Misha-nee would have been able to do something if she’d been around. The older, pink haired girl had always been smiling and kind, and used to be a great source of comfort to Shino. But where was onee-chan now?

When she had asked Kotarou, he had told her that she was now up in the sky; always watching over them.

Did that mean she was watching them now?


Panicked cries and commands rent and tore at the air. Bright lights flashed and items and other surgical tools were passed from one gloved hand to another. Doctors and nurses alike were trying to save Kotarou from the fate that seemed almost destined to him.

The boy’s consciousness had been so unstable in the first hit, and during the time he was in the ambulance, that Misha knew. But when she had taken his hand and made her own prayers, it was like he had known she was there for him and had eased up just that bit more. But she was so worried. He had lost so much blood due to the accident.

Something that the boy had told her long ago floated back to her; his mother, dying due to this, her blood everywhere… and, although it was unsaid, the screams of innocent-passer-bys must have been heard. So far away, yet with no way for them to do anything. Paralysed with what had happened, and being unable to help at all.

Humans were like that, weren’t they? She didn’t blame them a bit, but it still hurt. Sometimes people didn’t make it because of the lack of action from the people around, but they were scared, weren’t they? Shocked beyond belief. It was never meant to happen.

Misha hadn’t left Kotarou’s side once during all this; she didn’t want to move at all until she knew that he was going to be okay.

“—still in an unstable condition…”

“—pass me the…”

“—blood pressure is decreasing…”

“Is it his heart?”

So much worry. And he had no one there. What was to happen to him? Would he be okay in the end? She had wanted nothing more than for him to be happy, and he had been, and now…

Now it was this.

Somewhere she could dimly hear the voice of her older sister calling out to her. Probably another task, but Misha didn’t care. She wasn’t going to leave Kotarou until his condition was stabilized… or he was gone.

Either way meant that she would be with him, and that was what he needed the most at the moment.

Somewhere not too far away, it was probably in this very building, she could almost hear the voices of Koboshi, Takashi and Shino. Well, not voices, but their emotions could be heard. Somewhere out there, praying for his safety, wishing for him to be well again.

They could only wait now…

Panicked shouts were what brought the angel out of her muse and she looked up alarm. Nurses and doctors ran around the small, sterilized room, looking grim and worried.


How long they were sitting there, waiting, the three children didn’t know. But eventually they had all fallen asleep against each other, yet looking pale and worried.

There had been no mention of Kotarou at all.

But what did that mean? Was it too late to save him? Would they have to suffer and see him gone from this world? Did it mean that they would never see him again? It was something that none of them wanted to think about.

They refused to acknowledge it as anything but a fear; but it seemed to be getting more and more realistic with each passing hour.

It was a new moon and the stars gleamed over the small city. Little noise could be heard, there was no other signs of life around to disturb one another as they slept.

It was so hard to take it all in.

It wasn’t possible, it wasn’t likely…


The sound of the double doors bursting open was what woke Takashi up and he stared blearily at the blurry shapes before him. People in white to see someone about the patient. But there was no one else but them now…

Fact hit him like a ton of bricks and he woke Koboshi up, who looked like she hadn’t slept at all. Pale faced and looking like she didn’t want to open her mouth in fear of what she may say, the two teens stared up at the grim face of the doctor.

“Kotarou Higuchi’s friends?”

They nodded, fearing the worst.

“I suppose it is best that you know, then…”


What has happened? Dead or alive? Er… you can guess that (sorry for the cliffhanger, I suppose, but it seemed more… dramatic that way).

I suppose it wasn’t all that realistic, with Kotarou’s father not even going to the hospital with his only son is in CRITCAL CONDITION, but I don’t think he would have done that much, and I was more focused on Kotarou’s friends freaking out, because they’re, like, the closest people to him now. And Misha… she’s going to stay with him, no matter what.


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