Pink Rose
Scene One

Klaus Russelburg stood amid the shadows and trees of a lush forest. A deep frown had planted itself upon his face, and gave no signs of leaving. And as unhappy and displeased the blond demon looked appeared to be, he seemed ready to stand in his spot for as long as he wanted to. It was stubborn determination that kept him there.

Well, that, and one other, small detail.

"It's bright," Klaus complained mildly. "And hot. And... weird."

He sneered, muttering several curses under his breath. Silently he questioned why he had even come here, to the Human Realm, though he already knew the answer.

Klaus was a full-blooded demon, and a proud one at that. Even if he had only lived a little over four decades--which left him looking around "eleven" or "twelve" to the humans--he could hardly imagine not being proud of what he was, and that he came from Hell. He didn't care what the humans, and especially the angels, though of his kind.

That thought returned his attention to the young brunette sitting on a large boulder, several meters away from the forest. She seemed to be lost in a daze, or perhaps just deep in thought, as she sat there. He hair was neatly tucked up in a bun, and her bangs were pinned out of her eyes by red clips that matched her eyes. She wore a dainty kimono made of a deep red cloth that matched the clips and her eyes. Up the right side of the kimono there was a pink and white floral design. It was cute, and oddly suited her.

Her name was Shia. At least that was the name that he had always known her by. He was unsure of the details, but something had happened in Hell that had knocked the brunette into an entirely different realm. The human one. The moment that he discovered that, he took it upon himself to come and find her. He swore to his elders and to himself that he would not return until he brought her back. And silently, he promised her that he would be the one that saved her from this wretched place.

But things would not be so easy.

A soft sigh passed through his lips. "Shia..." he breathed. The longing in his voice was evident.

When he came to her, finally, after searching for months, she had just turned her back on him. She screamed for the aid of humans to scare him off. Her eyes had been wide and terrified when she stared at him; even know he felt uncomfortable as he remembered them. He could see them so clearly. He could still hear her crying.

Once she was Shia. Shia, who came running to him when bullies picked on her. Shia, who once smiled so wonderfully to him and called him "oniichan".

That Shia was gone.

She was "Shima" now.

He had heard the humans calling her that.

Shima perked up suddenly, the movement catching his attention. Her eyes widened, and unlike when he had tried to approach her and take her home, they were filled with happiness and excitement.

"Taro-san!" she cried, hopping off of the boulder. She waved.

Taro Higuchi. He was a boy that appeared to be around the same age as Shia--which was nine human years, if his math was correct. He was dressed in a casual kimono. His hair was short and a golden shade of blond, much different from the soft shade of his own.

Klaus had been watching him for a few days now. He seemed to be Shima's only friend.

"S-Sorry I'm late," he panted as he stopped next to her. He bent over and rested for a moment while he caught his breath.

Shima bent over next to him, smiling. "Can we see the flowers again?" Her voice was cutely filled with excitement.

Taro smiled at her and nodded, though what came out of his mouth was, "I don't see why you get so excited over a bunch of flowers, Shima..."

It took every ounce of will power that Klaus possessed not to attack that boy. It didn't matter if he couldn't do much damage on his own, he would have tried his hardest to rip the human apart. However, the council, upon granting him permission to come to the Human Realm, gave strict orders that he would not harm a single human being.

Klaus turned away from the scene before him. Fists clenched, her forced himself to walk away. Storming in there was not going to get Shia back. In fact, he had no idea what would. He couldn't face the look that she had given him before again. He could not find a part of his heart that was so cold that he could just force her to return to Hell.

She was happy how and where she was.

And that was without him.

What could he possibly do?

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