Dedicated to Seb-chan

The pink haired angel seemed completely oblivious to his current state when she snuck up behind him and literally glomped him. She was laughing and hugged him tightly. It was all the usual stuff for her. She was full of sunshine and flowers, and she didn't have the common sense to stop for a moment and notice that he was not feeling the same way. Somehow, she never seemed to be able to.

"C'mon, Misha-san, stop it," he grumbled as he tried to push her away. His attempts were futile, as she held on tighter.

"But, Kotarou-kuuuun," she whined a little. "I missed you. Suu."

This brought a smile to his face. He sighed softly and dropped his chin against her arm. It was hard to stay in a foul mood around Misha, even when she was the cause of that. Well, it was not quite her fault that he was in a bad mood, persay. It was more like... he was so nervous that he was certain that he was about to get very, very ill.

With the realization that they were alone in his apartment, Misha holding him so close as they stood in his livingroom, a faint blush crept up upon his cheeks. He shifted his head so that his lips were pressing against her arm. She must have taken it as affectionatly as he had meant it, because she nuzzled his neck softly.

"Kotarou-kun," she murmured. He could feel her lips brushing against his neck.

He let out a small squeak and felt his face burn.

How much longer could these moments continue on? How much longer would he be able to be in Misha's arms, and occassionally have her in his own? Not much longer, he guessed. Sasha had started visiting again, and like the first time that he mad seen her, Misha's angel examination was probably just around the corner. After that, would she be able to stay? Even if she promised him that she would be there forever, could she keep that promise? Could she defy the Heavens and stay by his side?

Could he ask that much of her?

No, he couldn't. But in the time that he had with her, he would try to get closer. As close as he possibly could, to his beloved angel.

"Hey, Misha-san..." he began, then stopped. He wasn't sure what to say. But he had to say something, when she perked up at the sound of his voice and rested her chin on his shoulder.

"You, um... Do you want to go... flower viewing?"

"Okay. Su," she said, sounding rather happy. She hugged him a little tighter.

"Misha-san," he breathed, closing his eyes and leaning back against her. He touched her arm lightly, smiling again.

"Aaaaaah, Kotarou-kun! Lookie! Lookie! Su!"

Misha was sitting on her knees on her seat, face presed up to the glass. Her excited cries filled the train car. They did more than express her undying enthusiam as she watched the city flow by, though; it attracted the attention of every single passenger that was riding with them. He had tried to hide his face, but that proved futile when he could still feel the weight of dozens of eyes beating down on him. The best that he could do was bow his head and watch himself nudge the picnic basket that he had brought with them with him feet.

"Kotarou-kun! You're not looking!" Misha complain. "Su!"

"Misha-san, calm down!" he sighed heavily. "It's not the first time that you've been on one... Just sit properly."

"Tee hee hee," Misha laughed. She looked so happy at that moment, it brought a smile to his face. "Okie, Kotarou-kun. Suuu."

She flopped down onto her seat, quiet suddenly. She did not look disappointed though, as she continued to smile softly at him.

"Misha-san, it's only a few more stops now," he told her.

She nodded, then looked over her shoulder and out the window. Her smile widened, but she did not make a sound this time. She just stared at the city as it passed them by.

"Hey, Kotarou-kun?" she called him, her voice soft.

He blinked. "Uh, yeah, Misha-san?"

"I flew over the park we're going to the other day," she said. She looked away from the window and smiled at him. "I saw this pink, fluffy stuff all over the trees. It as soooo pretty, Kotaoru-kun! I wanna go see it!"

Cherry blossoms? he wondered. It was the only "pink, fluffy stuff" that he could think of that would be on a tree. She's never seen cherry blossoms before? I guess they don't have them in Heaven...

"Can we go see it, Kotarou-kun?" she pressed.

Snapped out of his thoughts, Kotarou realized that he had been inadvertantly ignoring her.

"Oh, yeah, of course...The cherry trees are finally blooming, Misha-san. That's what you saw. It's what you do when you go flower viewing."

She tilted her head to the side, clueless. She seemed to think about that for a few moments.


He nodded, trying to hold back his laughter. "Really, Misha-san. What did you think they were?

She shrugged, a sheepish smile of her own forming on her face. "I don't know. I've never seen anything like it before. It was just so pretty... suu..."

She went off into her own world after that, simply staring ahead. She did not look like she was focused on anything in particular. Not even at the city which usually managed to hold her interest like a moth to a flame. She just stared off into space, smiling.

Sitting there, as she was, he thought that she looked absolutely beautiful.

It was a fifteen minute walk--fourteen minutes, and thirty-six seconds to be exact--from the train station to the park. That was Kotarou's usual time, and he was surprised that he could make it in that same amount of time while he carried the picnic basket, and with Misha practically trying to get him to piggy-back her. She clung to him like they were glued together--and from prior experiences, he actually knew what that felt like.

"Look, Misha-san!" He pointed to the trees as they rounded a corner.

Misha perked up. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. She seemed to be frozen in awe for a moment, though her feet still moved when he walked. Her eyes followed along each of the trees, watching them closely as if they were something strange and foreign.

And, he guessed, for her that's exactly what they were.

"They're so pretty, Kotarou-kun," she murmured. Her eyes were wide and filled with excitement. It was the excitement that only a child could have when they first discovered something new. It was Innocent and full of wonder. Somehow, Misha always seemed to be able to be that innocent, so inexperienced in the Human Realm, and surprised by just about anything that she came across.

"I'm glad you like them," he said with a smile.

Misha let her arms slip away from him, and she began to laugh and dance in circles around him. She spinned and spinned and spinned, but did not seem to get dizzy from it. Maybe she was used to spinning in circles so much. Or maybe it had more to do with the fact that she was an angel.

"Kotarou-kun!" she squealed, stopping. She turned to face him, still laughing and smiling. She stumbled when she took a step towards him, and laughed some more.

"Misha-san, let's sit under this tree," Kotarou suggested as he wandered towards one of the trees. It was large, and full of pink blossoms. Petals were littered under it, covering the ground like some sort of spring snow.

"Okay! Su!" she cried, running up to him.

She stumbled a few more times, but only seemed to find that amusing. She threw herself at him, and only because he was so used to it, he braced himself to be able to catch her in his arms. She looked at him, her expression serious for a moment.

"There's nothing like this in Heaven," she confessed, glancing up at the blossoms. She stood up slowly, never lowering her eyes, her grip around his neck keeping just as tight. "It's like a Heaven. Su."

Like a Heaven? Kotarou wondered, staring at her. She was so, so beautiful like that. She was always cute, always attractive to him, no matter how childish she acted; there was just something in the way that she was acting at that moment, the content look on her face, that seemed to mature and different from usual.

He blushed slightly.

"I-Is there really nothing like this in Heaven, Misha-san?" he inquired, pulling away from her. He came nearer to the tree and set the basket down. He could feel his heart pounding hard in his chest. He half thought that it was going to burst out and fly away.

Misha let him go, but walked along with him. She nodded.

"Nothing. Su."

"That's sort of strange," he said, kneeling down. He opened the basket and started rummaging through it to find the blanket he had packed. "I'd think that they would have something like this is Heaven."

"Why?" she questioned, clasping her hands behind her back.

Kotarou glanced at her for a moment, then focused on setting the blanket out. It was a soft blue, a few shades off from the clear sky. It looked out of place from the rest of the scenery. He was not exactly sure how to explain what he thought Heaven should look like. Who was he to say that? He had never seen it before, never gazed upon what splendor it held.

Misha turned away from him, her gaze back towards the blossoms in the trees.

"Back home..." she began, then stopped as if to carefully select her next words. "Back home, there was a little place like this. Just a small area for us angels to go to and relax. There's a pond, and a couple of trees... and the trees, they're always in bloom... but the blossoms, they don't look like these ones. They're smaller, and all different colours. And depending on what time of the day it is up there, they change colours. Darker in the morning, and they almost glow in the evening."

Misha's eyes were distant, far off from where she really was at that moment. She was back in Heaven, at the place that she was describing.

"But... there was one thing that was always missing," she added. Her eyes began to shine, and she smiled once more at him once. "Always..."

Heaven missing something? he wondered, staring at her. What could Heaven possibly be missing?

She strolled over to him casually, slipping her shoes off and hopping onto the blanket. She walked to the edge that came up to the tree, and sat down. She stared at Kotarou expectantly, until he copied what she did, and sat down next to her.

"What was Heaven missing, Misha-san?" he asked, since she did not seem to want to share the information without him asking.

His hunch was correct, and she turned her smiling face on him.

"You, Kotarou-kun. Su!" she declared. "It was missing you!"

He sat there for a moment, staring at her with wide eyes, his mouth dropped open. He knew how much she cared about him, she always told him that she loved him, but he really had not been expecting her to say that. He did not know why he hadn't expected it. He just... hadn't.

"I've never been able to enjoy anything up in Heaven as much as I'm enjoying right now. Su," she told him. Her hands began to nervously play with her hair, and she looked away.

How much longer would they be able to enjoy these times? Kotarou had no idea. Would it just be until the end of her next exam? Would that mark the end of their time together? Kotarou hated to think of it that way. Their time together was coming to an abrupt end, and there was no way to stop it. That was why he had to enjoy the time that they had together, now. He might never get the chance to share a moment like this one with her again...

He wanted to tell her how he felt.


Misha suddenly leaned over and kissed his cheek, quickly. It was just a small peck, but under the circumstances, his face flushed deeply and he suddenly found himself very flustered.

"I'm really happy today, Kotarou-kun," she whispered into his ear. "I love you. Suu."

He gasped. He did not think that it was possible, but his face deepened several shades of crimson.

"Mi-Mi... sha... san..." he stammered. He had to look away. He couldn't look at her.

Misha just giggled, and rested her head on his shoulder. He smiled a little, though he could not look at her.

"Misha-san, I love you, too."

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