Moonlight Demon

As the days passed, Misha dedicated her time to two things: trainging to strengthen her demon powers, and searching for teh trigger of the war. Those were her main concerns at the moment, at the top of her 'to do' list. She knew that if she hoped to stand a chance, fighting against both angel's and demons, to end the upcoming wat, she had to be stronger. So aside from work, which she had managed to keep, and the household chores that Mango insisted she do, every precious second of her time went to her training and searching.

Klaus was her mentor now. He was teaching her how to make the best of her demonic energy. How demons could feed not only off of blood, but off of fear and anger and other negative human emotions. He showed her how causing a bit of mischief was benificial to her heath--really, it was.

"Misha-san, you should take something to eat with you!" Shia called after the black-haired ainoko.

Halfway to the front door, Misha stopped and smiled sheepishly. Shia was half in the kitchen, half out, holding a bento out to her. Misha took it, thanked her, then rushed out the door.

Kotarou and Shino stood at the railing, enjoying the pleasant view and reviewing Shino's math homework. They looked peaceful and happy.

There was something about the way that the light shone on Kotarou when he glanced back at her that made him angelic. An angel just descended from Heaven, pure and wonderul.

She froze for a moment and just stared at him. Their eyes met, gazes locked; time almost seemed to freeze as it was, with Kotarou's eyes so full of love and care. A look that she had not seen in a long, long time. It said everything that she wanted to hear from him. It held the promise that he would always love her. It told her that he had never stopped.

"Oniichan, are you listening?" Shino asked, loudly, to regain his attention. She needed his help with her math again.

He turned to his cousin, not even managing a 'hello or 'goodbye' to Misha.

Misha closed her eyes and sighed. You're such a fool. Imagining it all... He'll never forgive you. You hurt him. So be realistic.

Hot tears stung her eyes as she opened them and forced herself forward. Dwelling on the past was the problem that had ruined their friendship, and any chance of a future one. Plus, she had Kotaroh and Takashi to think fo now. And the Haven, too. She had to consider the wellbeing of her friends and those she loved. They were all important to her. The past, that was gone, and the future was dark and distant.

The war was coming. She had to be ready for it. She had to be strong.

But as she walked away, she could not help but cry silently for what she was leaving behind.

Seeing as how he was going to have to be around humans more often, Klaus had reluctantly agreed to change his attire. Misha insisted that he do so. She had said that he was attracting too much attention from humans, and for the demons, it was all too obvious that he was one of them.

He argued that no normal human would come to the conclusion that he was a demon.

She won by pointing out that they needed as little attention as possible; the last thing they needed was for the other to discover that he was training her.

So, he temporarily retired his cloak and ribbon and bell for a few hours each day while he trained Misha out in the busy crowds. Of course, he wore all black: slacks, shoes, dress shirt, even a nice leather collar. He felt like a cheap human's imitation of a demon or vampire, but even that was better than nothing.

"You're late!" he yelled when Misha's cheerful calls reachedh im. "And calm down, Little Luna. You're too... happy--and what are you carrying?"

Misha unsuccessfully fought back a smile. She loved his reactions now. He always reacted irrationally and had to complain about one thing or another. She guessed that that was how demons acted and reacted to things. If angels were supposed to be the positive, then demons must be the negative--right? She had to realize that before she stopped taking his comments personally and just laughed at him. But also, his outlook on the situations made her want to work harder to become the best she could be.

"Shia-chan gave me a bento," she said, holding it up so that he could see it clearly.

Klaus rolled his eyes. Misha was still such an angel despite all of the progress they were making.

Actually, she reminded him a great deal of Shia...

"Find somewhere to put that stupid thing!" he snapped. "Unless you plan on beating someone with it--which would be completely stupid--I don't want to see it!!"

"Klaus-san!" she cried, then stopped when she realized that she had no argument for that, and there would be no use in starting something she had no chance of winning.


"Um, uh, wh-where should I put it?" she asked.

"Eat it," he said.

"But I'm not hungry," she retorted.

"Well then, find some place to put it while we hunt," he hissed, getting annoyed.

"It won't be a burden!" she promised, snatching his wrist and pulling him with her through the crowds. "Don't be such a sour puss!"

"And what sort of demon do you think you are!?"

She looked back,

"A half-breed, Klaus-san."


"What the hell are you doing?" Klaus snapped, noticing that Misha had food held out towards him.

"Wouldn't you like some of Shia-chan's yummy food?" she asked, still holding it out to him with a smile on her face.

"I do not need that mortal filth to gain sustenance," he hissed, glancing out of the tree they were in.

"I know," she said, eating it for herself. "I don't need it, either, but Shia-chan's such a good cook. Su."

He glanced back, half glaring and half eyeing the food that Shia had made. It was tempting only because it was Shia's. The kind and gentle demon that he loved had made that food. So he pointed to a ricecake. Misha picked it up and held it out to him. He took it from her.

He started to take a bite, then stopped, and looked to Misha as she munched away on the food.

"Have you ever tasted demon blood?"

"Huh?" her eyes grew wide and round.

"The blood of a pure demon, Little Luna, have you ever tasted it?" he clarified the question.

"U-Um... n-no." She stared at him, not fully understanding what he was getting at. Or rather, what had gotten into him.

"I heard that it's best for your kind," he said, still watching her.

"Aizou-san never told me that before," she retorted.

Carefully, he slunk over the branch, towards where the branch met the tree, towards where Misha sat half-aware of his intentions. Actually, she was fully aware. She was just so stunned at his proposal that she did not have time to think it through. He was offering her his blood. Why, she could not say. But he was, for his own reasons, and she had no idea how to reply. How do you reply to someone you weren't very close to sharing their blood to sustain your life?

"Would you like to?" he said. He reached up to his collar and exposed the tender flesh of his neck. She could see his pulse in his neck. He was offering it to her. Ready, waiting, all hers if she wanted to take it.

So why couldn't she take it?

"I-I don't know, Klaus-san..."

"Show me that training you had not been in vain. Feed of my blood and gain sustenance for more than one cycle."

He steadied himself on the branch, though he thought that he would not need to. His balance was nearly as perfect as a cat's, and Misha was too hesitant to do much damage. However he could see her fangs ready to sink into his flesh. He leaned in as close as he could, brushing his cheek against hers, his neck hovering over her mouth.

"Go ahead," he urged her on.

He shivered as her fangs brushed against his neck. She raised an uneasy hand to his cheek to steady them. Her fangs burried deep into his neck, and she drank hungrily. It was a primitive form of feeding, but he liked it; the way she held him so tightly, her nails digging into his skin, the sucking, the slight, sharp pain, the sound of her feeding--it had been much too long since he had been with another demon.

She pulled away and started licking at the blood that flowed from the bite. He wrapped his arms around her, sending the remaining food in the bento to the ground, and kissed her roughly, tasting his blood in her mouth. Then he licked at the blood that had smeared around her mouth in a very cat-like manner, and kissed her again.

"Kl-Klaus-san," she said breathlessly as he let her go.

A faint trace of a smile touched his face.

"You've fed like a real demon now, Misha," he said.

You're all wondering about that, aren't you? Mima-chan just wanted a little Misha/Klaus action since it was proposed to her(but not about MD). I hope that no one minded it too much. It's sort of just a little side story. I usually try to avoid making comments on AT(as you can tell), but I assumed that my readers would like an explanation for what they just read. No. This does not make them a couple. Spur of the moment, no reason for being; Klaus still likes Shia; Misha still likes Kotaroh, Kotarou, and Takashi.

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