Moonlight Demon
Prologue B
Written By: Makami

It had been quite a few weeks since Misha had started avoiding him, and he was doing exactly the same. For that reason he hadn't seen much of her in those weeks, and they hadn't spoken a single word. Shia was working as a medium between them, snd kept them informed on how the other was doing. She didn't have to, but she still did.

The fact that they hadn't spoken directly to one another in weeks was funny because they both still spent so much time near one another, especially at the Tricot.

But when the door to the Tricot opened this day his head snapped around so quickly he almost got whiplash. Misha was already over an hour late, and although he wouldn't say it to her face, or anywhere remotely within her hearing, he was worried sick for her.

"Hey guys!" Takashi greeted from the doorway. "Sorry I'm so late. I had to talk to someone for a little while."

Shia smiled at him.

"Welcome, Ayanokoji-san," Shia greeted him breathlessly as she passed by. It was a busy day of work for her.

'Shia-san's not looking so well,' Kotarou though to himself. He sipped at his juice. 'I wonder if it's because of before... and where's Misha-san?'

"So who were ya talking to, Ten-chan?" Koboshi teased. "A special girl?"

"She's sorta special," he laughed.

Shia fretfully bit her thumb.

"What's wrong, Shia-san?" Kotarou asked.

Shia cast a worried glance at the front doors.

"I'm getting really worried about Misha-san," she said. She still didn't look away from the doors. "She didn't come home last night."

"What!?" Kotarou yelled.

"She never came home?" Even Koboshi sounded worried.

Their outbursts were followed by a brief, but dramatic, silence. Takashi didn't seem too worried--a little uncomfortable at the most, but not worried. Kotarou didn't know why, but it pissed him off.

"Shia-san, um..." Takashi began hesitantly. "Uh, can you afford living at your apartment with what you get paid?"

"Huh? Oh, yes," she replied.

"That's a strange question, Ten-chan," Koboshi commented.

Kotarou was far away from their conversation, his thoughts solely on the troublesome angel. Sure she had moments when she was charming and lovable, but for the most part she was worth just too much trouble. She was selfish, too. She never considered how others felt when she pulled stunts like this one. She wasn't fair.

"Damn it!" he yelled, then bolted out the front doors, knocking over a stunned Hiroshi.


Kotarou had searched for hours in all of Misha's usual places before deciding that he should just check back at the apartment. It made sense, didn't it? Misha wouldn't just run off for this long. No, she wouldn't. Not when she knew her disappearance would worry him. She knew that, didn't she?

Knocking hard on their front door, he could think only of Misha's sweet face. Even with what had happened in her past, even though it had shocked and scared him, Misha still meant a lot to him. He couldn't imagine his life without Misha staying in it.

This must have been the way that Kotaroh had felt about their beloved angel before his death.

"Um, hello? Kotarou-san?" Shia sounded a little shocked.

"Misha-san isn't... She hasn't come home yet, has she?" he asked, disappointed.

Shia shook her head slowly.

"Would you like to come in, Kotarou-san?" she offered, making room for him to enter. "I do have something to speak with you about."

"Nyaa..." Klaus yawned loudly.

There was something about the way that Shia requested him to enter that he couldn't say no to. So with a slight nod of his head he entered the apartment. The door closed softly behind him. There was an emptiness about the apartment that depressed him a little. It wasn't only Misha's presence that was missing. All of her belongings were gone, too.

Shia, take your chance! Klaus urged her on. Do it!!

Kotarou turned to face his demonic neighbour with reluctance.

"Misha-san isn't coming back, is she?" He exhaled sharply. "She didn't even think to tell any of us. How can she be so selfish!? She-She always..."

He didn't get the chance to finish his thought as he was overwhelmed by emotions. His eyes burned, his throat was tight and strained. He collapsed to his knees and silently cried.

"I know I wasn't being the best, but--"

The world stopped as Shia wrapped her loving arms around his shoulders and held him close. He cried into her shoulder. He wanted Misha back. He might have been avoiding her, but it didn't mean...

"She didn't even say good-bye," he squeaked, his throat not yet recovered. "Why didn't she at least sat good-bye...?"

"Ayanokoji-san said that Misha-san had been waiting for you after school," Shia told him. "He said she'd never looked sadder when she smiled. He also said that the girl he was late, because he was speaking with her, was Misha. She wanted to say her good-byes, but was too short on time."

Just as quickly as all of the emotions came, they left.

"Ayanokoji-san said she was moving to America for some special school training program," Shia continued. "... She didn't want to be in the way. I have to confess that I was starting to suspect that Misha might try something close to this. Ever since that thing happened between you two... she changed."

Her words hit Kotarou hard, and yet he felt nothing at the same time. It hurt, but like the sort of pain you felt during a dream. It was real, but not really real. He couldn't accept what he had just been told to be true. No, it was just a sick dream and he could still patch things up with his angel.

Shia pulled herself away from Kotarou and searched her pockets. Kotarou watched with the mildest of interests. After a few moments she pulled out a small, crimson-coloured box and revealed the contents.

"Wow..." he breathed.

It was a small charm on a silver chain. The charm was a beautiful rose, made out of, what appeared to be, finely cut rubies, and emeralds for the stem. There was something about its glimmer that screamed super natural. It was unlike anything else he'd ever seen, and it sent bone-chilling shivers down his spine.

"Wh-What is it?"

"A good health charm, I think." She laughed softly, like when someone was silently scolding themself for forgetting something important. "I just put it on and make a wish for good health and it'll grant that wish."

"It that a good idea?" He was suddenly panicked.

Shia just chuckled to herself, and Klaus meowed loudly.

"Kotarou-san, if it was Heavenly or something like that, its touch would burn me," she told him. "It'll be okay."

However grateful he was for this distraction, he couldn't help but dread the moment she placed the pendant on. She reassured him before continuing on to the wish that she was fine and would remain so. She bowed her head and clasped her hands together in prayer. When she finished making her wish she reopened her eyes and smiled up at him.

"See? No--Aaarrghh!!!"

"Shia-san? Shia-san!!?"


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