Written by: Makami

"Wow wee, lookit that line-up!" Koboshi gasped. She pointed to the DanceDanceRevolution machines and their massive lines. "We'll never get to use them at this rate..."

Takashi chuckled and shook his head.

"Yeah, no way we're getting on there..." he sighed. He glanced at Kotarou. The purple-haired teen seemed to be off in his own world. "What do you wanna play, man?"

"Ah, well..." Kotarou gazed around at the crowds and the games. Al of the good ones were taken, and promised a long wait. What would be worth waiting for?

"I dunno," he mumbled.

"Ha ha ha!" an all too familiar voice broke out into laughter. The crowd parted around the laughing figure as he advanced towards the group of three. Most of the people moving out of his way looked a little weirded out.

"Ayanokoji!" Hiroshi Mitarai bellowed. "I challenge you on that!!"

He made frantic motions towards the Guitar Freaks game machine. Jeeves was standing patiently in the line, holding the young teen Mitarai's place. He was next.

'Wow. I wonder how long he had to wait?' Kotarou silently wondered. He gazed around at all of the other line-ups. This might be a little faster.

"You gonna take him on, Ten-chan?" Koboshi asked.

He shrugged, "could be fun."

Kotarou watched silently as Takashi joined Hiroshi in the line-up with Jeeves. The people before them were just finishing up their last round. That meant that it was their turn.

Koboshi and Kotarou worked their way to the front of the crowd. Girls started squealing for Takashi to win. They were, of course, a few of the many fangirls that somehow always managed to find their way to Takashi. They were annoying, and loud, but somehow he put up with them.

Kotarou was amazed.

'Good luck, Ten-chan...' he thought.

Takashi looked back and flashed them a peace sign.

"This one's for you."

The girls melted, all sure that he was talking to one of them. But Kotarou felt his face burn in embarassment. Takashi's eyes met with his, and suddenly those words felt... like they were meant for him. That he was the one Takashi was dedicating this round to.

"Kotarou-chan, you're all flushed!" Koboshi exclaimed.

"I, uh, ah--" Kotarou hid his face behind his hair. "It's, uh, n-nothing. Really, Koboshi-chan. Nothing."


Sunday nights...

Kotarou stared at his open science textbook. He stared at it in an attempt to focus. He had homework to get done. He was supposed to finish it for the next day, the review worksheet.

He tried to focus, but it just was not happening. His mind kept wandering, and replaying memories of Takashi playing DanceDanceRevolution. Once they had gotten to it, that it. He was so good at it. Always with the beat, the way he moved, graceful, never missing a step...

"Kotarou-chan, are you alright?" Koboshi asked softly, watching him closely from across the table.

Kotarou jolted back to the cafe. He raised his golden-green eyes to the blond sitting across from him. She looked so concerned.


"I said, 'are you alright?'"

Kotarou smiled and nodded. No use in sharing his thoughts about watching Takashi dance. She'd probably think something was wrong with him, or something like that.

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