Written by: Miharu

Kotarou Higuchi growled lowly at the math problem that sat before him.

"Aah, Kotarou-chan! You're still on that one!?" Koboshi gasped as she peeked over his shoulder.

"Come on, Koboshi!" he sighed.

"What one?" Takashi leaned over from across that table. "Oh, that one? How'd you get stuck there?"


"Let us help you, Kotarou-chan!"

"I can do this one on my own!!"

Takashi caught sight of Koboshi's worksheet out of the corner of his eye.

"You're only that far, Koboshi!?" he exclaimed. He snatched the paper up before she could stop him. He examined the sheet and cracked a grin.

"How'd you get that wrong, Uematsu?" he teased.

"Give it back!" she squealed, lunging at him from over the table.

"Hey, that one's wrong, too!" he laughed. "And that one..."

"Hey, give it back!" she screeched. She lunged back over the table and tried to take it back. "Ten-chan!!"

Kotarou slumped over the table and rested his face against his arm.

"Oh gawd..."


Kotarou flung himself onto his back and stared up at the ceiling.

"Ah, Misha-san..." He closed his eyes. "It's time for another big exam. You're done with yours, right? ...Lucky."

He reopeneed his eyes. He was tired, but he could not give up. Not when she was watching him.

"I'll do my best to make you proud," he promised. "In everything... Always."


"Kotarou-chan!" Koboshi called as she rushed up to catch up to him. "Ready for the exam?"

He pointed towards the school.

"I kinda have to be or else I'm screwed."

She laughed," isn't that the truth."

"So where's Ten?" he asked, looking around. "He's gonna be late..."

"Who's gonna be late?" Takashi's voice came second before he slammed into Kotarou from behind.

"Right on time, Dorko."

Takashi laughed.

"Of course."

"Hey, Te-e-en!" Kotarou growled, steadying himself.

"Lighten up, Kotarou," he laughed still.

Kotarou made a sour face before punching his blond friend playfully.

"You're weak."

"You're a jerk."

Koboshi cleared her throat, "We're almost late."


"How, Kotarou-chan, did you pass?" Koboshi asked excitedly. She giggled.

Kotarou shook his head," I haven't gotten to check you. I just got here. What about you, Koboshi-chan?"

She grinned.

"Just barely," she confessed, "but I made it!!"

He smiled at her.

"That's good to hear," he congratulated. Her smiled again, though his eyes were trying to scan the face for his other blond-haired friend. Had Takashi passed, too? Probably. And what about Hiroshi? Who got the higher score? Would they all finally go to school together again?

"Heeey!" Takashi's voice rose up over the roar of the crowd's. Suddenly both he and Hiroshi appeared from the mass of people.

"Ah, Ten-chan! Dai-chan!"

"How'd you two do?" Koboshi asked.

Takashi laughed. Hiroshi looked as though he might kill or maim someone.

"Blast you, Ayanokoji!" he screeched. Well, there was Kotarou's answer. "I did it once, I can beat you again!"

"Kotarou-chan, go check yours," Koboshi urged, smiling.

"Ah, okay."

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